Make Up Fun & Photo Shoots

Howdy peoples! While we were at home [in good ol North Cackalacky] celebrating the holidays, we had the opportunity to take some awesome photos and shoot a video with our friend Reginald Peterson II, 1/16th Media Productions LLC.

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First we headed to the Mac Cosmetics Counter at Belk’s because let’s face it …. we girls looove to get all prettied up lol. We had an appointment with lovely make up artists Jade and Amber. They were extremely friendly, professional, and had us looking RIGHT!

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Sibling Spotlight: Meet the Lewters

We’re back with another Sibling Spotlight feature! The bond shared between siblings is of the utmost importance to us. We absolutely adore this connection! We highlight the importance of establishing a healthy relationship with your sibling through featuring siblings that have great relationships.

Meet the Lewters:

Michele & Paige!

Sibling Spotlight Lewter

Introduce yourselves: 

Paige: Hi! I’m Paige and I am a 24 year old from the small town of Ahoskie, North Carolina. You’ve probably never heard of it but just know I’m a good ole country girl! I am a graduate of North Carolina A&T State University. Go Aggies! I currently live in Maryland and work for the United States Navy as an Electrical Engineer. I loooove children and I volunteer with them in a STEM organization that I started in my community. Working with kids and helping to provide them with opportunities are one of my passions and someday I hope to make that into a career.

I also love to dance and you can catch me break out into a move at the most random of moments. Traveling and experiencing other cultures is something I enjoy, especially different types of foods. I love to eat!  I can be very outgoing at times but I’m really shy.

Michele: Hey Guys! My name is Michele Lewter. I am 23 years old from a small town in Eastern North Carolina known as Ahoskie. I am a proud Alumnus of North Carolina A&T State University. Class of 2012!! I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering and I am currently pursing my Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resource Management.

I would describe myself as a very playful, caring, person who is on a mission to make a difference in the lives of others. I believe in enjoying every moment of your life and doing what makes you the happiest.  In my free time, I enjoy working out, online shopping, and enjoying my time with family and friends. I also adore painting my nails and experimenting with different nail polishes. I wouldn’t call myself a home body but I will make sure that I am at home in time to watch my favorite television sitcoms and favorite reality shows!

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The Sibling Spotlight: Meet the Harrison’s

Although our lifestyle blog covers a variety of topics, the bond shared between siblings is of the utmost importance to us. We absolutely adore the connection shared amongst siblings! Therefore, we would like to highlight the importance of establishing a healthy relationship with your sibling through featuring siblings that have great relationships. Drumroll please …. Introducing ‘THE SIBLING SPOTLIGHT’!

Of course we’ll start with people that we know and love. First up, meet the LOVELY Harrison Sisters: Jamia & Jazmine!

Sibling spotlight Harrison's

Introduce yourselves:

Jazmine: Why hellllllo!! ::insertjazzhandshere:: ….I am Jazmine Harrison!!  One ½ of the Harrison girls dynamic duo!! Ok I just gave you a lot lol. But seriously, I am a 27 year old (28 on 9-29-13…”what’s yo zodiac siiiiign…LIBRA”!!!) southern belle. I would say I am a bit of a fireball. Well maybe a mix between a fireball and a cool summer breeze J, I monogram most all things…ok everything. If it’s blank it’s safe to say it will be stamped lol

Beyonce is my older sister in my head… no seriously. I am in the Bey-hive and I’m buzzing over here! If you know me, then you know allllll about my Bey stanism (definitely not a word lol). I think I go into a trance when her songs come on…scary O_O.

My sister is my side kick. If you don’t know her then you are missing something in your life! We are probably like Tia and Tamera to most but just regular old gals to me!

Jamia: Hey friends! I am Jamia Harrison, the little Harrison sister! I am 23 years (24 in September! Hey Virgos! ) and I currently live in Charlotte, NC! My mother would describe me as her free spirit child but I just enjoy a good time! I love all things monogrammed, southern, and fabulous!

sibling spotlight harrisons 3

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Hair Tutorial Video: “How to Braid Your Hair”

Good Morning. We hope everyone is having a Magnificent Monday! We’re back with another hair video! This video was requested by our friend E, *waving* HEY E! It’s a tutorial on ‘how to braid’ (two braids bobby pinned into a protective style).

I did NOT know how to braid my hair a few years ago, I would always depend on Charla for that lol. One day Charla convinced me to try it myself (one because I was driving her insane asking her to do my hair every morning and two she knew she would not always be around to save me from bad hair days so I needed to learn how to do it myself).

Anyways by sitting in front of the mirror and practicing I was able to learn myself. This experience has made me a firm believer in the saying ‘Practice Makes Perfect’. The video is less than 5 minutes but we hope it is helpful.  Check it out below & as always feel free to provide us with feedback:

What’s your favorite protective style?

The Laughs & Cries of Sisterhood

Today’s post is dedicated to all of the siblings out there and the importance of establishing a solid foundation with your brother(s) and/or sister(s). Since National Sibling Day was this week we felt that this would be very befitting! Well as you can probably already tell my sister and I are very close and always have been. I’m the little big sister (C) because I’m taller & she’s the big little sister (V) because she’s older (She’s gonna kill me for telling you guys that LOL). That’s not to say that our relationship has always been picture perfect, (because TRUST ME it hasn’t) we have definitely had our ups and downs but at the end of the day, we always find a way to come together, make it work, and allow things to fall right into place.

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Our First Hair Tutorial Video: ‘How to Twist Your Hair’

After promising for so long we finally did it *drumroll please* ……. We made our first hair tutorial video!! Charla shows us exactly how she two strand twists her hair into this cute protective style.

It’s a very simple process, it doesn’t take too much time to do, plus you can put your own spin on it and make it your own! Check out the video to see exactly how its done. (Even if you don’t want to see how it’s done feel free to check it out and provide us with feedback, we’re always looking for ways to improve)

As always we appreciate all the love and support! Happy Humpday!

Would you try this ‘twist’ hairstyle?