But … I Have Nothing To Wear?!

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The story of every girls life! Or is it just me?! Now do you really have nothing to wear in your wardrobe??? Or, are you like me and you just need to reorganize your closet to make things more visible?

Let me begin by saying that I have found myself saying this quite often. I felt like I had nothing to wear for a number of reasons.  Well for one my stuff was not visible, it was organized, but not as visible as I would like for it to be. Also, I had pieces in my closet that I had owned for a while so I was honestly just over seeing the same stuff all of the time. Another thing is I have a lot of “different pieces” which sometimes take time to wear because I want to wait. So I can wear it at the right time to the right place with the right accessories and so on and so forth. (You know what I am talking about.)

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Product Review – Yes to Cucumbers

Good Morning Loves! I hope everyone is having a fabulous Wednesday. I tried a few new ‘Yes to Cucumbers‘ products and wanted to share my experience with you guys.


Recently I wrote a post about my love for thrift shopping. Well not only do I thrift but I love to come across great sales as well. This past weekend I found an awesome sale at Kohl’s and I was able to purchase a number of great items for an unbeatable deal. I purchased 5 tops, 2 bottoms, 2 pair of shoes, and a tie for a grand total of…

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