Danielle’s Hair Story

Today’s feature has absolutely beautiful tresses! We’re all about fab hair so we asked her to give us the deets on her mane. She has her own blog that you can check out: Confessions of a Natural Gal. Meet Danielle:  

Tell Us a little about yourself:

Hi All! My name is Danielle. I’m from Cleveland, Ohio. I love Junk food, YouTube, and Shoes lol.

When did you decide to go natural and why?

I did a Big Chop on August 21st 2010. Before I was natural, I had a short, relaxed “Rihanna” styled cut. To maintain this short hairstyle I had to go to the salon every week and a half. *Yes, my hair grows that fast!* It was becoming too much maintenance, and I was tired of spending $40-50 every time I went to the salon to get it done. I then started to grow my hair out, and decided not to get anymore relaxers because of cost and maintenance. Continue reading


Ruby Woo & Ri Ri Woo

I, much like everyone else, had to purchase the RiRi Woo lipstick when I saw it go on sale on the Mac Cosmetics website and believe me it was no easy feat! Purchasing the lipstick alone took a whole hour because the website was running so slow (I don’t think the website was designed to handle such heavy traffic). Anyways, Ruby Woo is amazing and looks good on practically all skin tones so I figured RiRi Woo would be a great purchase as well.

(Top left and right photos; on the left is RiRi Woo and on the right is Ruby Woo)

photo-35(Bottom Image RiRi Woo with her signature)