The Curlformers Experience

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard of Curlformers. They are cool looking colorful rollers that I had to have once I saw them. I won’t lie though, I eyed those bad boys for a good three month before I broke down and purchased them. I mean $60 for hair rollers …  Geez Louise!! Any-who I wrote this post in December before I attended a Christmas party & thought this would be a good time to share my experience:

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Hair Tutorial Video: “How to Braid Your Hair”

Good Morning. We hope everyone is having a Magnificent Monday! We’re back with another hair video! This video was requested by our friend E, *waving* HEY E! It’s a tutorial on ‘how to braid’ (two braids bobby pinned into a protective style).

I did NOT know how to braid my hair a few years ago, I would always depend on Charla for that lol. One day Charla convinced me to try it myself (one because I was driving her insane asking her to do my hair every morning and two she knew she would not always be around to save me from bad hair days so I needed to learn how to do it myself).

Anyways by sitting in front of the mirror and practicing I was able to learn myself. This experience has made me a firm believer in the saying ‘Practice Makes Perfect’. The video is less than 5 minutes but we hope it is helpful.  Check it out below & as always feel free to provide us with feedback:

What’s your favorite protective style?

Our First Hair Tutorial Video: ‘How to Twist Your Hair’

After promising for so long we finally did it *drumroll please* ……. We made our first hair tutorial video!! Charla shows us exactly how she two strand twists her hair into this cute protective style.

It’s a very simple process, it doesn’t take too much time to do, plus you can put your own spin on it and make it your own! Check out the video to see exactly how its done. (Even if you don’t want to see how it’s done feel free to check it out and provide us with feedback, we’re always looking for ways to improve)

As always we appreciate all the love and support! Happy Humpday!

Would you try this ‘twist’ hairstyle?