Hair Interview with Faith

Have you ever had a good friend that you lost touch with over the years because of life changes or distance. Years later, you have an opportunity to catch up with that friend and it’s like NO TIME has past? It’s like you guys still share the same connection that you had when you first met? Well I’ve only had that experience with a select few people and today’s feature is one of them. Miss Faith is a friend that Charla and I met in high school. She is smart, beautiful, funny, creative & has FAB HAIR!! She also has her own blog , youtube channel, plus she makes/sells her own cute trinkets! We just had to ask her to answer a few questions for us! Catch up with Faith below: 

When did you decide to go natural and why?
–I decided to go natural during the summer of 2009. What brought me to
this decision was a haircut I hated and a desire for change. I got an
abundance of inspiration to embrace my natural hair from watching
Youtube. I transitioned for 8 months, and Big Chopped on May 28, 2009.
I will be celebrating my 3 year Nappiversary this year.

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