Make Up Essential Bag

As a girl always on the go, it is vital to keep a makeup ‘essential bag’ at all times. This ‘essential bag’ can fit into any purse and contains all the things needed to give you that refreshing and refined look. It often comes in handy because although one may not be inspired to ‘look fly’ for work or class, you never know when you may be invited somewhere at the spur of the moment. Therefore one must always be prepared, some important MUST HAVES in the essential bag include:


The ‘IT’ Lipstick – Every girl should have at least one lipstick that accentuates her features and requires little to no additional make up. The ‘IT’ lipstick is perfect for the unexpected night out on the town. If you are unsure about your ‘IT’ lipstick, try researching celebrities with similar skin tones and find out what shades they are wearing. Some people prefer cool toned colors but if you love bold lipsticks, you may want to try Mac’s Ruby Woo or The Lip Bar’s Femme Fatale.

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Ruby Woo & Ri Ri Woo

I, much like everyone else, had to purchase the RiRi Woo lipstick when I saw it go on sale on the Mac Cosmetics website and believe me it was no easy feat! Purchasing the lipstick alone took a whole hour because the website was running so slow (I don’t think the website was designed to handle such heavy traffic). Anyways, Ruby Woo is amazing and looks good on practically all skin tones so I figured RiRi Woo would be a great purchase as well.

(Top left and right photos; on the left is RiRi Woo and on the right is Ruby Woo)

photo-35(Bottom Image RiRi Woo with her signature)

Wet n’ Wild Lipstick Review!


Hey guys! I hope you all are having a Fabulous Friday! Today’s post is dedicated to Wet n’ Wild Lipstick products. Now as you all know I love to find quality products for a great deal. Within the past year, I have had the urge to try different shades of lipstick. Now I don’t know about you but I cannot afford to waste money on experimenting with different lipsticks that may or may not compliment me.

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Unboxing: January’s My Brown Box

YAY!  My Brown Box finally arrived in the mail yesterday!! Now being that we’ve already discussed my product junkie addiction in a previous post, please don’t judge me *Chris Brown voice*. The ‘My Brown Box’ subscription caters to a wide range of products for your hair, skin, body and more.

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