Seven Questions with Celebrity Hair Stylist Seven

Today’s feature is the award winning celebrity hairstylist Adrin ‘Seven’ Washington. His salon located inside of LUX Studios in Bethesda, Maryland specializes in educating clients about healthy and luxurious hair. We got the chance to chat with him below! Check out his advice on maintaining fabulous hair:


Can you give us some general tips on how to maintain healthy hair?

The best way to maintain healthy hair is to deep condition your hair once every four shampoos; eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of water; exercise regularly; protect your hair while resting; refrain from excessive heat when styling your hair; get a haircut regularly to maintain shape and promote growth; and visit Seven and Company often!

Hair & Make Up - Adrin Seven Washington Models - from left to right - Tanya Zalecki & LaWanda Amaker Photographer - Long Nguyen

Hair & Make Up – Adrin Seven Washington
Models – from left to right – Tanya Zalecki & LaWanda Amaker Photographer – Long Nguyen

Many curly girls are worried about losing their curl patterns when they straighten their hair.  What is the healthiest/safest way to ‘straighten’ natural hair?

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Melissa & Shakira of the Trials n Tresses blog Hair Story’s

Today’s features are the lovely ladies of the Trials n Tresses blog. We had the opportunity to sit and chat with Melissa & Shakira about their fierce tresses! Catch their stories below:

melissa trials n tresses feature(Melissa Pictured Above)

When did you decide to go natural and why?

Melissa: My last relaxer was March 10, 2012 but I didn’t fully decide to make a full commitment to being natural until July 2012. I wish I had a really great life altering story to explain why I decided to go natural but the truth of the matter is my hair was so unhealthy and beyond repair that if I had put one more chemical into it I probably would have lost all of my hair. I wasn’t taking care of my hair the way I should have and after taking out a weave in July I decided that I would stop putting in relaxers indefinitely, grow out the color I had in my hair and dive fully into taking care of my hair in its natural state to ensure I had healthy hair.

shakira trials n tresses feature(Shakira Pictured Above)

Shakira: I decided to go natural in March of 2012. I was searching for a hairstylist after getting a horrible color job. So I had been doing my own hair at that point, pretty much washing and straightening. So I decided at that point I would be a straight natural and stop relaxing all together. I was really excited thinking this is great I can color my hair now wear it curly or straight this will be amazing. So this led me to research being natural and transitioning. Through doing my research I stumbled across a site, which said that if u want to see your true curl pattern you can’t use too much heat because it will damage it. So since reading that I haven’t used the flat iron again.

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Danielle’s Hair Story

Today’s feature has absolutely beautiful tresses! We’re all about fab hair so we asked her to give us the deets on her mane. She has her own blog that you can check out: Confessions of a Natural Gal. Meet Danielle:  

Tell Us a little about yourself:

Hi All! My name is Danielle. I’m from Cleveland, Ohio. I love Junk food, YouTube, and Shoes lol.

When did you decide to go natural and why?

I did a Big Chop on August 21st 2010. Before I was natural, I had a short, relaxed “Rihanna” styled cut. To maintain this short hairstyle I had to go to the salon every week and a half. *Yes, my hair grows that fast!* It was becoming too much maintenance, and I was tired of spending $40-50 every time I went to the salon to get it done. I then started to grow my hair out, and decided not to get anymore relaxers because of cost and maintenance. Continue reading

Crystal’s Hair Story

Today’s feature is no stranger to the blog, its our good friend Crystal! You may remember her from the DIY Hair Concoctions and the New Updo Protective Style posts. Since she has FAB hair and is always down for experimenting with a new hair style. We had to get the deets on her beautiful tresses!

   When did you decide to go natural and why?

In 2008. I didn’t really have a reason to go natural. I was talking with a friend who was considering it and she said “out of our friends, if anybody would do it with me it would be you”. With my I’ll try anything once attitude I decided to go on the natural hair journey with her and I haven’t looked back.

Top Oct. ’07;

Bottom: Mar. ’08

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