Cool Spots: New Orleans

NAW ORLLEANS!! People, people, people when you hear others bragging about the food in New Orleans IT’S NO EXAGGERATION!! One could easily gain 10 pounds just by visiting for a weekend LOL. My girlfriends and I had the pleasure of visiting lovely NOLA a couple of weeks ago. We went so many places and played the tourist role but I specifically wanted to rave about the MAGNIFICENT food we ate there!
cafe du monde

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Grandma’s Chicken Salad Recipe

We don’t know why we thought a chicken salad recipe was some complicated and complex concoction but our grandmother shared a great chicken salad recipe with us. Place the chicken and half of an onion in a crock pot and allow it to cook for a few hours.

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Cool Spots: New York (Soul Sister Quisine & Junior’s)

Of course New York is one big cool spot in general but a couple of weekends ago my friends and I embarked on a mini vacation and spent the weekend in Brooklyn, NY. Between shopping, playing the tourist role, and attending a few social gatherings we had quite an eventful weekend. Friday night we had dinner and explored Time Squares. And by Saturday morning we were curious about Brooklyn and walked around aimlessly until we found an adventure.

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Cool Spots: Gino’s East of Chicago

Greetings Beautiful People from Chi Town AKA the Windy City of Chicago! I just touched down and so far I am having a good time. The weather is gorgeous & I got a chance to enjoy Chicago’s famous deep dish pizza that everyone raves about. Right after leaving the airport, the first stop we made was ‘The Original Gino’s East of Chicago’.


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Healthy Living: Veggie Chili Soup

Consuming the right amount of vegetables daily is a difficult task but its super important in this thing called adulthood. The recommended daily amount for vegetables is three to five servings and as of lately, I could definitely be doing better in this category. If you can relate you may want to try this veggie and chicken chili recipe!

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Cool Spots: Graces Mandarin The National Harbor

If you are looking for a spot with great food and nice scenery you should check out Graces Mandarin at the National Harbor. Graces is fine Asian Fusion Cuisine, I’ve been here a few times and have enjoyed myself each time. My most recent visit was last week, I enjoyed the Duck and Pineapple dish! I’ve never tried duck before, this dish reminded me of chicken but a slightly different taste with a dash of sweetness due to the pineapples.

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The Joy of the Slow Cooker

The crock pot is one of the greatest cooking inventions and I use it frequently. The slow cooker is a winner in my book for many reasons.

It’s generally a healthier way of cooking,  requires little prep time, uses less energy than a conventional oven, and after I arrive home from a long day I have dinner waiting for me. Whats not to love about that?

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