Make Up Essential Bag

As a girl always on the go, it is vital to keep a makeup ‘essential bag’ at all times. This ‘essential bag’ can fit into any purse and contains all the things needed to give you that refreshing and refined look. It often comes in handy because although one may not be inspired to ‘look fly’ for work or class, you never know when you may be invited somewhere at the spur of the moment. Therefore one must always be prepared, some important MUST HAVES in the essential bag include:


The ‘IT’ Lipstick – Every girl should have at least one lipstick that accentuates her features and requires little to no additional make up. The ‘IT’ lipstick is perfect for the unexpected night out on the town. If you are unsure about your ‘IT’ lipstick, try researching celebrities with similar skin tones and find out what shades they are wearing. Some people prefer cool toned colors but if you love bold lipsticks, you may want to try Mac’s Ruby Woo or The Lip Bar’s Femme Fatale.

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The Sibling Spotlight: Meet the Harrison’s

Although our lifestyle blog covers a variety of topics, the bond shared between siblings is of the utmost importance to us. We absolutely adore the connection shared amongst siblings! Therefore, we would like to highlight the importance of establishing a healthy relationship with your sibling through featuring siblings that have great relationships. Drumroll please …. Introducing ‘THE SIBLING SPOTLIGHT’!

Of course we’ll start with people that we know and love. First up, meet the LOVELY Harrison Sisters: Jamia & Jazmine!

Sibling spotlight Harrison's

Introduce yourselves:

Jazmine: Why hellllllo!! ::insertjazzhandshere:: ….I am Jazmine Harrison!!  One ½ of the Harrison girls dynamic duo!! Ok I just gave you a lot lol. But seriously, I am a 27 year old (28 on 9-29-13…”what’s yo zodiac siiiiign…LIBRA”!!!) southern belle. I would say I am a bit of a fireball. Well maybe a mix between a fireball and a cool summer breeze J, I monogram most all things…ok everything. If it’s blank it’s safe to say it will be stamped lol

Beyonce is my older sister in my head… no seriously. I am in the Bey-hive and I’m buzzing over here! If you know me, then you know allllll about my Bey stanism (definitely not a word lol). I think I go into a trance when her songs come on…scary O_O.

My sister is my side kick. If you don’t know her then you are missing something in your life! We are probably like Tia and Tamera to most but just regular old gals to me!

Jamia: Hey friends! I am Jamia Harrison, the little Harrison sister! I am 23 years (24 in September! Hey Virgos! ) and I currently live in Charlotte, NC! My mother would describe me as her free spirit child but I just enjoy a good time! I love all things monogrammed, southern, and fabulous!

sibling spotlight harrisons 3

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Flat Twist Updo & Summer Challenge Update

Happy Humpday! In my ‘no heat’ quest for this summer, I solicited Crystal to try a twist updo on me (in other words I saw her rocking it and begged her to try it on me lol).  She flat twisted and pinned my hair up into a CUTE updo! It was very simple, if you can flat twist you can do it too.

Makenzie’s Hair Story

We recently reached out to one of our favorite people to share her hair story. Miss Makenzie Moss!!! She is truly our sister! She is one of the most unique people that we have ever encountered. Not only is she beautiful she is also wise, sassy, extremely driven, talented, down to earth, fun and loving among other things.  Catch up with Makenzie below as she shares her hair story:

  • When did you decide to go natural and why? 
 I have been natural since the 6th grade, when I first received a relaxer treatment. It was an horrifying experience! As I sat in the salon chair I was more than excited to remove the future tangles and stress of my mother combing through such a forest of long hair. The treatment was gently brushed onto my scalp after the Vaseline application around my edges. I can’t quite recall the timing of my stylist applying the treatment, but I sat patiently waiting only to find out I’d have to sit there until I felt the burning sensation of a HOT BALL OF FIRE on my head. Yes, the fire was real! I calmly stated it’s time to wash this stuff out.

Girl It’s a Photo Shoot!

Now I’m no runway model but I did have the pleasure of working with an awesome team earlier this month! Aleah from Shape Up Your Make Up was looking for a model to showcase her makeup skills and expand her portfolio. She teamed up with Olisi a great stylist, Douglas was the photographer and yours truly attempted to play model lol. I met up with Aleah early that afternoon so that she could do my make up.

iPod Shuffle Selection

Whenever this song comes on the radio we just have to sing along! It’s a beautiful song with beautiful lyrics! Although a video was never released for it. Who doesn’t love Dru Hill? Today’s iPod Shuffle is ‘Beauty’ from Dru Hill. We hope you enjoy and have a fabulous Friday!

The Greene Gals

May’s My Brown Box

I received May’s My Brown Box this past Friday and I’m just now getting a chance to open it up. This month’s box was very interesting filled with all sorts of lifestyle goodies! May’s My Brown Box contained:

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Crystal’s Hair Story

Today’s feature is no stranger to the blog, its our good friend Crystal! You may remember her from the DIY Hair Concoctions and the New Updo Protective Style posts. Since she has FAB hair and is always down for experimenting with a new hair style. We had to get the deets on her beautiful tresses!

   When did you decide to go natural and why?

In 2008. I didn’t really have a reason to go natural. I was talking with a friend who was considering it and she said “out of our friends, if anybody would do it with me it would be you”. With my I’ll try anything once attitude I decided to go on the natural hair journey with her and I haven’t looked back.

Top Oct. ’07;

Bottom: Mar. ’08

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Ruby Woo & Ri Ri Woo

I, much like everyone else, had to purchase the RiRi Woo lipstick when I saw it go on sale on the Mac Cosmetics website and believe me it was no easy feat! Purchasing the lipstick alone took a whole hour because the website was running so slow (I don’t think the website was designed to handle such heavy traffic). Anyways, Ruby Woo is amazing and looks good on practically all skin tones so I figured RiRi Woo would be a great purchase as well.

(Top left and right photos; on the left is RiRi Woo and on the right is Ruby Woo)

photo-35(Bottom Image RiRi Woo with her signature)

Vee’s Hair Update & Length Check

Twelve weeks later & I’m back with another length check. For various reasons, I decided to get my hair straightened yesterday in hopes that it will last until next weekend. (Crosses fingers we shall see how that goes, cuz its supposed to rain today …. but oh don’t you worry I keep a shower cap in my purse when my hair is straightened …. I PLAY NO GAMES …. It shall not REVERT). *Ends Rant*


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