iPod Shuffle Selection

Howdy Peps! In honor of the late great Aaliyah’s birthday yesterday (she would’ve been 35 … geesh time is flying), today’s iPod Shuffle Selection is one of our favs from her. The beat is still sick in 2014 and whenever this one comes on we all get out of our seats!! We hope you enjoy *singing* ‘Cuz I really need somebody tell me are you that Somebody?!’ and have a great weekend!

What’s your favorite Aaliyah track?


The Greene Gals


iPod Shuffle Selection

Do ya’ll remember this joint? It went oh so hard even in 1997!!! Today’s iPod Shuffle Selection is ‘Up Jump Da Boogie’ from Timbaland & Magoo featuring Missy Elliott and Aaliyah. We hope you are jamming in your seats & enjoy this beautiful Friday!

Love Hugs & Kisses,

The Greene Gals

iPod Shuffle Selection

Hey Hey Hey it’s Friday! So you know what that means, that’s right it’s time for the iPod Shuffle Selection! Today’s selection is from one of our absolute favs! Released in the summer of 2000 off the ‘Romeo Must Die’ soundtrack it’s Aaliyah featuring DMX ‘Back in One Piece’.

Were we the only one’s that tried to dye our hair with Cherry Red Kool-Aid to make our ends look like her’s in this video?! ….. Maybe lol ….  Okay that was a bit much but seriously who wasn’t jamming when this joint came on.

Hope you enjoy and have a great great Friday!

What’s on your playlist?

iPod Shuffle Selection

We are huge music lovers over here. So, that’s right you guessed it, the iPod Shuffle section is dedicated to great music! Today’s selection is a throwback from 1996:

Admit it you’re jamming in your sit! LOL

We are listening to “If your girl only knew” because today is Aaliyah’s birthday, we are huge fans, and the song still goes hard in 2013.

We want to know what’s on your iPod?