Our Logo!

So if you all haven’t already noticed we have recently updated a few things on our blog! We changed the layout and we also got… (DRUM ROLL PLEASE) a LOGO!!!

greenevdcWe brainstormed for a while on an idea for our logo. We wanted something that represented our relationship. V and I have always been different but yet very similar. Yin and yang. This is exactly what we wanted our logo to illustrate.  Our logo shows two girls (we call them sisters) facing one another. They favor one another but both have a uniqueness about them as well. Their hair is in its natural state and they have an open book covering their faces entitled “The Greene Vademecum”. In our video, “Allow us to Introduce Ourselves“, we share the definition of vademecum, “a handbook or guide that is kept constantly at hand for consultation.” We are sisters blogging about aspects and areas of life that inspire us. We hope that our blog can always serve as an outlet and that our positive words and experiences produce thoughtful and positive actions.

rough sketch

I came up with the idea/layout of the logo and communicated my vision to Chris. You guys know Chris, he’s been a guest blogger twice and the writer of:

Guest Blogger Chris – Trading Places

But We’re JUST Friends …. Is it worth the risk?

He sketched the original image. It was then given to our good friend Casey! She got SKILLS ya’ll! She’s an awesome graphic designer! Check out her portfolio here or go to her website caseyrenae.com and PLEASE utilize her if you need a graphic designer for anything. She’s amazing and specializes in logos, new website layouts, business cards …. she does it all! You see how she brought our idea to life ….. thus our logo was born :)logo2

We love our new logo and feel that it is a perfect representation of our blog and our personal relationship as sisters!

What do you think of the logo?




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