Gold Torch Apparel Clothing Line

We’re always inspired by young entrepreneurs. Our fellow Aggie Andre and his fraternity brother Gerald started a Greek Paraphernalia line with impressive quality products called Gold Torch Apparel. Being that we are lovely ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha ourselves, they were kind enough to share their vision with us below:

Gold Torch ApparelSpeaking On Their Vision:

When we realized a large majority of the ‘nalia on the market either lacks quality, taste, is overpriced or a combination of all of the above, we birthed the vision of Gold Torch Apparel. With this line we wanted to go back to the roots. If you look back at the paraphernalia worn in the 70s and 80s, it was tasteful. We wanted to make something that could be worn casually without the “billboard effect” that typically comes with wearing paraphernalia.

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Knowing When to Let Go

 Sometimes God places people or obstacles in our life’s to stretch our comfort zones. Other times I can’t help but wonder if he’s testing us to see if we will pass or fail the same test that he has presented to us time and time again. Then there are the times when we allow for people/obstacles to remain in our lives unnecessarily causing ourselves to deal with avoidable issues. (Something like the definition of insanity …. You know doing the same thing over and over again …. expecting different results!)
This can apply to various areas in our lives like our attitudes, situations at work, our relationships including friendships and heck sometimes even our family members.

It poses the question, when should you decide to completely block out/alter someones placement in your life or release yourself from a situation?

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March on Washington the 50th Anniversary

march on washington

Today, August 28, 2013, marks the 50th Anniversary of the Great March on Washington where the Reverend Martin Luther King Junior delivered his famous ‘I Have A Dream’ speech at the Lincoln Memorial. And believe me, we’ve been celebrating all week here in DC. As a matter of fact, there will be a march today where President Obama will speak at the Lincoln Memorial! (Oh how I wish I could be there …  deep sighhhh  …. but I have to work because I’m an ADULT smh). Anywho, this past Saturday I attended another March on Washington and wanted to share some of the pictures I captured there! Hope you enjoy and let’s all strive to keep the dream alive 🙂



march on washington3

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Do Unto Others…

IMG951656Lately I have seen a number of people prancing around treating others any type of way without a care in the world and justifying their actions by simply saying…. that’s just how I am! NEWS FLASH we are all but one person existing within a universe of many and although our households, families and friends may allow us to get away with certain behaviors, at some point or another we will encounter someone who won’t! Do we no longer practice the Golden Rule???

Let’s take a step back just to ensure that we are all on the same page here! The Golden Rule is the Ethic of Reciprocity that states; One should treat others as One would like others to treat Oneself.

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The Sibling Spotlight: Meet the Harrison’s

Although our lifestyle blog covers a variety of topics, the bond shared between siblings is of the utmost importance to us. We absolutely adore the connection shared amongst siblings! Therefore, we would like to highlight the importance of establishing a healthy relationship with your sibling through featuring siblings that have great relationships. Drumroll please …. Introducing ‘THE SIBLING SPOTLIGHT’!

Of course we’ll start with people that we know and love. First up, meet the LOVELY Harrison Sisters: Jamia & Jazmine!

Sibling spotlight Harrison's

Introduce yourselves:

Jazmine: Why hellllllo!! ::insertjazzhandshere:: ….I am Jazmine Harrison!!  One ½ of the Harrison girls dynamic duo!! Ok I just gave you a lot lol. But seriously, I am a 27 year old (28 on 9-29-13…”what’s yo zodiac siiiiign…LIBRA”!!!) southern belle. I would say I am a bit of a fireball. Well maybe a mix between a fireball and a cool summer breeze J, I monogram most all things…ok everything. If it’s blank it’s safe to say it will be stamped lol

Beyonce is my older sister in my head… no seriously. I am in the Bey-hive and I’m buzzing over here! If you know me, then you know allllll about my Bey stanism (definitely not a word lol). I think I go into a trance when her songs come on…scary O_O.

My sister is my side kick. If you don’t know her then you are missing something in your life! We are probably like Tia and Tamera to most but just regular old gals to me!

Jamia: Hey friends! I am Jamia Harrison, the little Harrison sister! I am 23 years (24 in September! Hey Virgos! ) and I currently live in Charlotte, NC! My mother would describe me as her free spirit child but I just enjoy a good time! I love all things monogrammed, southern, and fabulous!

sibling spotlight harrisons 3

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The Power of Decisions

Every decision that we will ever make will have an impact, consequence and possible domino effect in some way, shape or form. And many times the outcome of our decisions not only have an aftereffect on us but many others as well. I wanted to write this to remind you all, as well as myself, that we should make the best decisions that we possibly can in all situations. I was inspired to write this post after the recent and tragic Trayvon Martin case, which has definitely caused an uproar.


DISCLAIMER: This post does not state or share any information on OUR personal views on the incident or the verdict.

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Events We Don’t Want To Miss! (Washington, DC)

It’s summertime! Cookouts, pool parties, & fun in the sun what a joyous time. Naturally with this being such a festive time of year, there are events occurring that we don’t want to miss.
Here is one event happening right here in DC:
Put on Your Crown Flyer

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Get Off The Soap Box

Recently I’ve noticed a lot of people sitting on their soap box! (SOAPBOX: Being overly emotional by constantly complaining and/or dwelling on a situation or confrontation that an individual may be having with another). From my observation, people are taking two approaches, the first being going off on the other individual who is involved in the conflict or they never address the issue but remain in their feelings about it.

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Life is A Stage But This is Not A Dress Rehearsal

Recently, I thought about the structure of society and how WE all, as individuals, play a role in someway, shape or form. “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances, all with a specific role to play… You get one shot. Can’t go back and change anything…” This is the opening phrase that Andre 3000 eloquently quotes in the movie Idlewild, originally derived from William Shakespeare.

Pinned Image

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The Laughs & Cries of Sisterhood

Today’s post is dedicated to all of the siblings out there and the importance of establishing a solid foundation with your brother(s) and/or sister(s). Since National Sibling Day was this week we felt that this would be very befitting! Well as you can probably already tell my sister and I are very close and always have been. I’m the little big sister (C) because I’m taller & she’s the big little sister (V) because she’s older (She’s gonna kill me for telling you guys that LOL). That’s not to say that our relationship has always been picture perfect, (because TRUST ME it hasn’t) we have definitely had our ups and downs but at the end of the day, we always find a way to come together, make it work, and allow things to fall right into place.

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