Make Up Fun & Photo Shoots

Howdy peoples! While we were at home [in good ol North Cackalacky] celebrating the holidays, we had the opportunity to take some awesome photos and shoot a video with our friend Reginald Peterson II, 1/16th Media Productions LLC.

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First we headed to the Mac Cosmetics Counter at Belk’s because let’s face it …. we girls looove to get all prettied up lol. We had an appointment with lovely make up artists Jade and Amber. They were extremely friendly, professional, and had us looking RIGHT!

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Make Up Essential Bag

As a girl always on the go, it is vital to keep a makeup ‘essential bag’ at all times. This ‘essential bag’ can fit into any purse and contains all the things needed to give you that refreshing and refined look. It often comes in handy because although one may not be inspired to ‘look fly’ for work or class, you never know when you may be invited somewhere at the spur of the moment. Therefore one must always be prepared, some important MUST HAVES in the essential bag include:


The ‘IT’ Lipstick – Every girl should have at least one lipstick that accentuates her features and requires little to no additional make up. The ‘IT’ lipstick is perfect for the unexpected night out on the town. If you are unsure about your ‘IT’ lipstick, try researching celebrities with similar skin tones and find out what shades they are wearing. Some people prefer cool toned colors but if you love bold lipsticks, you may want to try Mac’s Ruby Woo or The Lip Bar’s Femme Fatale.

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Events We Don’t Want To Miss! (Washington, DC)

It’s summertime! Cookouts, pool parties, & fun in the sun what a joyous time. Naturally with this being such a festive time of year, there are events occurring that we don’t want to miss.
Here is one event happening right here in DC:
Put on Your Crown Flyer

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Girl It’s a Photo Shoot!

Now I’m no runway model but I did have the pleasure of working with an awesome team earlier this month! Aleah from Shape Up Your Make Up was looking for a model to showcase her makeup skills and expand her portfolio. She teamed up with Olisi a great stylist, Douglas was the photographer and yours truly attempted to play model lol. I met up with Aleah early that afternoon so that she could do my make up.

May’s My Brown Box

I received May’s My Brown Box this past Friday and I’m just now getting a chance to open it up. This month’s box was very interesting filled with all sorts of lifestyle goodies! May’s My Brown Box contained:

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Ruby Woo & Ri Ri Woo

I, much like everyone else, had to purchase the RiRi Woo lipstick when I saw it go on sale on the Mac Cosmetics website and believe me it was no easy feat! Purchasing the lipstick alone took a whole hour because the website was running so slow (I don’t think the website was designed to handle such heavy traffic). Anyways, Ruby Woo is amazing and looks good on practically all skin tones so I figured RiRi Woo would be a great purchase as well.

(Top left and right photos; on the left is RiRi Woo and on the right is Ruby Woo)

photo-35(Bottom Image RiRi Woo with her signature)

April’s My Brown Box

Howdy folks!! Last week I received April’s My Brown Box and it contained all kind of goodies that I’m excited to try! The theme for April’s MBB was ‘Back to the Basics’ & most of the products in the box where composed of all natural ingredients. So let’s get right into it, April’s box contained:


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Appreciation Giveaway

Happy Tuesday Morning to ya! We recently hit the 10,000 mark for blog hits and it’s all because of you! We’re pretty excited so we decided to have an appreciation giveaway because we appreciate you! We’re giving away a few hair & skin products plus some of our very own handcrafted earrings.

Check out our video below for a few updates & see just how to win the free goodies:

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Product Review – Yes to Cucumbers

Good Morning Loves! I hope everyone is having a fabulous Wednesday. I tried a few new ‘Yes to Cucumbers‘ products and wanted to share my experience with you guys.