Hair Update

Soooooo I kept my braids in for four and a half weeks. YAY! Set a new record lol and guys it was just what I needed, a nice break from dealing with my real hair on a daily basis! Matter of fact, I probably should’ve kept them in for a bit longer lol. I loved the braids because I was able to wear them in so many different styles like this bun or one huge braid that I pinned to my hair. I washed them once with Shea Butter Shampoo and made sure to oil my scalp with jojoba oil every other day.

After taking them out my hair feels super soft. When I washed my hair I did notice shedding but then again I haven’t combed my hair in over a month so that’s to be expected.


Overall, it was a great experience and I will definitely sport them again ….. hmmmm maybe twists next summer? But for now …. back to my hair! And I’m in need of a change …. maybe color soon? We’ll see lol

im back




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