Gold Torch Apparel Clothing Line

We’re always inspired by young entrepreneurs. Our fellow Aggie Andre and his fraternity brother Gerald started a Greek Paraphernalia line with impressive quality products called Gold Torch Apparel. Being that we are lovely ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha ourselves, they were kind enough to share their vision with us below:

Gold Torch ApparelSpeaking On Their Vision:

When we realized a large majority of the ‘nalia on the market either lacks quality, taste, is overpriced or a combination of all of the above, we birthed the vision of Gold Torch Apparel. With this line we wanted to go back to the roots. If you look back at the paraphernalia worn in the 70s and 80s, it was tasteful. We wanted to make something that could be worn casually without the “billboard effect” that typically comes with wearing paraphernalia.

gold torch apparel

All of our products are custom made and have touched the hands of no less than three people in the development process before they reach our customers. We pride ourselves on quality, some would say we’ve already taken a few business loses considering the amount of product we’ve scrapped because it didn’t meet our standards of quality. In our eyes these aren’t loses but necessary product development practices. At Gold Torch we refuse to put out a product we wouldn’t wear ourselves. Our vision goes much further than becoming a successful venture, but an evolution in the way people view paraphernalia.


Follow us on Instagram: @GoldTorchApparel

Check out our website:

Owned by: Andre Revell II (@andrethe2nd) and Gerald Jackson (@gjax06)

photo_2fdfdGold Torch Apparel was established during the summer of 2013, with the aim of creating a timeless, clean, vintage-inspired paraphernalia clothing line of impeccable quality.

Every time you put on a piece of Gold Torch Apparel paraphernalia we want you to believe you are bearing a torch. Whether you are representing your Greek letter organization, or your HBCU, you are shining your light everywhere you go…so remember to ‘hold it high’.

gold torch apparel

NICEE!! Be sure to check them out if you’re looking for nalia. Really loving the quality of the clothing everything looks great. Thanks for sharing with us Gold Torch Apparel!


The Greene Gals


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