Cool Spots: Luv and Learn Your Hair

I attended Taren Guy’s Luv and Learn Your Hair event in DC this past Wednesday at Midtown Partyplex. The meet and greet was a great time and was sponsored by Motions. The first hour consisted of a happy hour where guests mingled, enjoyed drinks, and enjoyed the vendors that were present.

luv and learn your hair

luv and learn your hair 2
MissyKlectric, Vintage Hairlooms, and Astella 19 were among the vendors that were present and they all carried beautiful and unique items. I purchased two cute pair of earrings from Astella 19 and a pretty headband from Vintage Hairlooms. I definitely plan on purchasing more things from these lovely ladies and have already received numerous compliments!
luv and learn your hair 3
Next, Taren greeted the crowd and thanked us for coming out. (By the way how FAB is her hair!! GORG!!) I did not get a chance to meet her personally but she seemed very genuine and heartfelt.
luv and learn your hair 4
The panel discussions were very informative and interactive. Yolanda Renee from EtcMagBlog, Kirstin from Youtube Channel Jadison03, and Jennifer a hairstylist based out of New York formed the panel. They answered questions from the audience as well as shared their own hair experiences.
Guests also shared our experiences and it was literally like girlfriends talking amongst each other. Great times!
luv and learn your hair
I met a new curlfriend Audia from Truly You Curls. She is developing a new organic product hairline, Truly You, that I can’t wait to try! Check out her page here.
The Luv and Learn Your Hair Tour is making several stops around the country. Be sure to check it out when it’s near your city!
luv and learn your hair 6
Have you attended this event? What were your thoughts?

9 thoughts on “Cool Spots: Luv and Learn Your Hair

  1. Nice post! Yep I was there! I actually came in very early and wen to the first venue first and then walked down to Dupont. I was stalking Taren and her crew before things got started, it was funny. The event was very nice. I will be doing a BC in December for my Birthday sort of speak, and was delighted to be in the “natural” community of beautiful ladies. Everyone literally radiated beauty, it was powerful. My favorite part was the panel discussions and audience involvement. I love real talk with substance. It really is more than just hair…it’s us redefining what beauty means. I love that. By the way do you have any suggestions for natural hair salons/stylists in D.C. that could do a nice BC? Would appreciate it.

      • Thanks for your advice! I ended up going to Fiddleheads and had a good stylist there. She executed a good version of the cuts that were inspiring me. I am now just loving my hair the way it was born and meant to be πŸ™‚ Team Natural has a new happy sister πŸ™‚

        We should have an event in the D.C. area or so to gather just for fun and chats….would be nice to be around the fellow ladies in the city and overall DMV area!

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