Hair Update

It’s September! Yes, autumn and cooler temperatures! This is also the perfect time to flat iron my hair because I don’t have to be as concerned about the humidity. It’s been four months since I’ve last applied heat to my hair and I must say that I noticed a vast difference. My hair has grown and I’m excited! I also used the white tee shirt to record my hair growth and as you can see …. my hair has grown!!

hair check

The no heat challenge worked in my favor this summer but I’d be lying if I didn’t share how frustrated I was with my curly hair at certain times this summer.It’s been my experience that curly hair is more fragile therefore I must be super careful when dealing with it! Fall is a great time for natural hair though. This winter I may rock tracks for the first time, it’s a great protective style! Ohhh and next summer I’m definitely trying braids or twists for a while LOL especially in times of frustration!!

Did you notice any hair growth over the summer?



photo 3 photo 1 photo 2 photo 3


7 thoughts on “Hair Update

  1. You look gorgeous in all your pics and your hair is sooo long it is crazy but that’s what healthy hair looks like!! Whatever you doing you are doing it right! Love it

  2. Your hair is gorgeous. I use heat every six months…I just wore mines straight this past week. Back to Curly for another 6mths.

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