Cool Spots: The Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge (ROC) Race

On August 10th, I attended the Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge (ROC) race at the RFK stadium right here in DC. The ROC race is a 5K game inspired obstacle course that is traveling all over the United States. It has 12 different obstacles throughout the 3 mile course and is literally LOADS of fun!! (Who remembers that show on Nickelodeon called Double Dare?! Yea, it sort of reminded of that show …. well actually any Nickelodeon show that involves slime lol) Many teams that decide to run together actually pick a theme and dress in costumes.


You can run the entire 5K or walk at your own pace, its entirely up to you! After you’ve registered, you are given a time to run. I was given the 11:00 AM slot. You and your team show up and they release heats throughout the hour about 10 minutes apart to ensure that there aren’t too many people waiting at any one given obstacle challenge.
ROC Race DC 2
Some of my favorite obstacles were the World’s Largest Inflatable Slide, the Tarzan Swing, and the Wrecking Ball.
Although I thought I would thoroughly enjoy the World’s Largest Bounce House (basically a big moon bounce), it exerts WAYYY more energy out of you then one might expect lol. The Tire Mile challenge was pretty exhausting as well. I slept like a baby after I completed this race lol needless to say it’s a great FUN workout!
The ROC race was an AWESOME experience! It was truly like being a kid again. I enjoyed it so much that when the details are released for Richmond, VA and Baltimore, MD I’m signing up again. That’s right, I’m registering myself, Charla, and Chris for this course again! I CAN’T WAIT (MUHAHAHA evil laugh)
Tips if you plan on attending in your city:
Register early! The earlier you register the better! You’ll get better prices and you and your team have a better chance of running together.

Get there an hour in advance so that you and your team can get settled in and run together
Pick a theme and dress as a team (we didn’t do that but the next time I go I plan to!)
The ROC race will be visiting cities like Austin TX, Nashville TN, and New York NY very soon. Check out the locations here!
So what do you think have you heard of the ROC race? Does it look like something that you would like to participate in?
And if you have attended what was your experience like?

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