Product Review: Clairol’s Texture & Tones

Lately I’ve been craving a change for my hair and with my birthday quickly approaching (at the time) I figured what better time to experiment with my hair?! I used Clairol’s Texture and Tones permanent hair color to add a splash of color to my natural hair and I LOVED the outcome.

I know many naturals frown upon ‘coloring’ but I’m a firm believer that if you take extra care of your tresses for example deep condition your hair on a regular basis and limit the amount of heat that you apply to your hair, then your hair can still remain healthy. Of course, consult with a professional hair stylist when making drastic decisions. But let me share my experience:

I only applied the color to the back of my head and a very small portion of the front of my hair. The color was perfect for me because it wasn’t too much but just enough. Honestly the only way you can really tell is when I pull my hair up.

The application was very simple, I just followed the instructions on the box. I selected the honey blonde color (6G). The box stated that the color can be applied on relaxed or natural hair and it was ammonia free. It also stated that it had ‘an anti-fade formula containing natural protein and jojoba. Textures & Tones was specially designed for women of color to complement all hair textures and skin tones’. Their collection has a wide shade palette that include red, brunette and blonde shades.

The box included a conditioner that I applied to my hair once I washed the color out. I love the results because not only is the color nice but my hair still feels really nice and healthy. (No seriously its still super soft!)

I will admit that I have always been very apprehensive when it came to dying my hair but I am really glad that I made the decision to do so. Of course now I will give my hair extra love and attention with regular deep conditioning sessions but so far so good! (I plan on updating you guys every step of the journey)


(In this photo you can see where it is dyed in the front, which is a very small section)


(How the back turned out)

Since my hair is black it didn’t quite turn blonde but as you can see it did lift! If you are considering dying your hair, of course consult with a professional hair stylist first, but you may want to give Clairol’s Textures and Tones a try!

Have you ever colored your hair? What was your experience like?




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