The Sibling Spotlight: Meet the Thompson’s

We’re back with another Sibling Spotlight feature, the bond shared between siblings is of the utmost importance to us. We absolutely adore this connection! We highlight the importance of establishing a healthy relationship with your sibling through featuring siblings that have great relationships.

Next up meet the Thompson’s:

Emani & Kiare!!

Sibling Spotlight Thompsons

Introduce yourselves (Tell us a little bit about yourselves):

KIARE: What up!? Describe myself? Uh I’ll try… I’m Kiare Thompson a 24 year- old educated black male. Born and raised South Sacramento, California. A dapper individual with a passion for enjoying every single day God blesses me with on this beautiful earth. I love my family. Alpha Phi Alpha is what I rep, hella athletic, hip-hop head, R&B enthusiast, all around music connoseiur. I love tacos and elegant intellectual women who can engage in stimulating conversation over a light glass of cognac. (Henny preferably but I might pull out the D’usse for the fancy ones). Hahaaa.

EMANI: Hello, I’m Emani Thompson. I’m 27, from Sacramento, California. To describe myself I’ll say I’m a delicate, free-spirited, easy- going lady with a small side of sass who’s I have the honor of being the Mommy to an amazing, God-given little lady, Miss Jourdyn. I’m a dreamer backed by faith and believe in everyone unapologetically owning their greatness, especially our African-American babies. I have a passion for involvement in inner- city neighborhoods with the children that are often an afterthought. They inspire me to exude excellence and to bring something back to the table for them.  Dare I say, I hope to show them the world one day?! (I do plan on it.)

Sibling Spotlight Thompsons 2

Describe your relationship with your sibling:

KIARE: I would have to say sister is my best friend, she knows everything about me, helped play a major role in raising me being that she’s 3 years older than me.

EMANI: To describe my relationship with Kiare, I can say he is my best friend. As he stated; he knows EVERYTHING about me and he rests assured knowing his secrets are safe with me. He knows where my loyalty lies but I’m FAR from his “yes man.” I can say the best thing about having a brother like him is that since we grew up sharing so many experiences & memories together as kids, now that we are older, as a woman I get firsthand insight on what being a man is. Although my Daddy is an authentic example, as I observe Kiare transitioning into manhood, I have grown to admire the strength that is essential for black men to possess truly maintain their dignity in society and in the household. Through my relationship with him, it’s teaching me a lot about men and the essential roles mothers and other solid women play in their lives.

Sibling Spotlight Thompsons 6

Something that you love about your relationship with your sibling and something that you could work on (Strengths and Weaknesses):

KIARE: I love how trusting we are with each other, we pretty much talk about everything going on in each other’s complex lives. I can go to her if I’m having some women problems to get a females perspective on the situations that may arise. Something that we could work on our arguing with each, but that’s because she knows how to push my buttons and ill admit I know how to push hers lol..

Emani: I can agree with Kiare, we can work on arguing because when we argue we ARGUE. It lasts for an intense 6 minutes ending with 2 minutes of tension and silence. It’s a guarantee that between the two of us someone is going to bite the bullet and make a “I get what you’re saying though..” type of acknowledgement or apology attempt. I think because we are products of Roderick and Desaree Thompson we just were raised with strong personalities. We always mean well and there is ALWAYS love sprinkled ontop of any disagreement.

What I love most about Kiare is his ambition, demeanor, style and hidden sensitivity. It’s so crazy because he looks just like my daddy when my dad was his age. His cologne game is meeeeean, and as an 8o’s baby raised in the 90’s he is a true R&B enthusiast. Although he BARELY made the cut, 1989, I can’t say they make em like him anymore. He’s very much a kid, dude, athlete, gentleman and a MAN wrapped in one.

Sibling Spotlight Thompsons 4

Through the years: (Was there an older/younger sibling complex?) (Any funny stories?)

Kiare: Of course, she sometimes tries to act like my mama, steady hittin me with allllll the W’s.. Where you goin? What’s that? Who you goin with? When you goin home? How you getting there? It can be annoying at times simply because I already answer all those questions to Desaree Antionette (My real MaMa) but I still tell her because I know she only has my best interest.

Emani: Yup, I sure do question him. Lol..Not to be nosy, but because as a black man with so much going on for himself, I want to make sure he’s always good. As for his ladies- whatever chooses to share, I’m listening. And I’m ALWAYS listening because sooner or later there will be another woman with our last name coming into the family. He keeps me on my toes and I keep him on his. I can’t really say there’s a major older sibling/younger sibling complex because our 3 year age difference works. As far as I can remember I’ve always had an automatic friend to play with. Lol

Sibling Spotlight Thompsons Matching Tats {Above The Thompson’s Matching Tattoos}

Any advice to other siblings on maintaining a healthy relationship:

Kiare: In any relationship you must communicate with one another. Communication is the key. Be the first to apologize, never hold any grudges. Tell them why you’re upset. Most of all appreciate them.

Emani: I can agree with Kiare. Communication is critical in any relationship. Not to confuse it with ongoing communication which can be overbearing at times, but to just learn and understand the ways they choose to communicate & express themselves. Find yourself respecting and embracing their growth as a person because you 2 are truly growing through life, together. You may not always agree but if you call yourself a sibling AND a friend, it’s nice to make sure your brother/sister is reassured knowing they have a safe place in the relationship to discuss ANYthing with you. Judgment free.

Sibling Spotlight Thompsons 8

{The precious little one pictured above is Jourdyn!!}

Why is it so important to have a good friendship/relationship with your sibling?

Kiare: It is important because your family members are the only people that know everything about you. Depending on the scenario you’re sibling has pretty much been through the same struggles you have.

Emani: To me it’s important to have a good relationship with your sibling because you can always lean on their loyalty. I’m grateful for Kiare as my brother and man in my life because he is dependable and trustworthy. Since moving back to California from the East, it has been refreshing having his presence and help in the household. Not to mention the twinkle in Jourdyn’s eye when she interacts with “Uncle” is priceless.

Our bond is tight and I love him for so many reasons. We shared the experience of getting our first tattoos together last summer. It was impulsive but it was SOO much fun. He and I share many special dates but one that is very important to BOTH of us is February 19th, 2011 so we decided to get the date tattooed on us. For him it symbolizes the date he embarked on his new journey as a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated, and for me it symbolizes the day my babylove Jourdyn made her arrival into this world and into my heart. She is the BEST part of me.

We are tight. TIGHT. Anytime we go through something that requires a little faith, patience and collaboration, we stay solid. Kiare has a mantra we throw around the Thompson household to make sure we stay rooted as a team: “Like the Bulls in the 90’s.”

Sibling Spotlight Thompsons 7

How can people contact you guys?


Twitter: Kiareonefive; Instagram: KiareThomp

Phone #: I need all the fine lookin ladies to hit my phone (916) 838-38.. (guess the last two) haaa



Instagram: I may create another one sometime this fall. I tend to dip off social networks occasionally.

Phone #: Hasn’t changed since August 2004 and won’t.

Awww you guys are beautiful! LOL at Emani hitting Kiare with all the W’s! (Must be an older sister thing lol) Thanks for sharing your story with us! If you have an awesome sibling bond, feel free to submit your story to us. We’d love to hear from you!


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