My Henna Experience

Last weekend I experimented with Henna for the first time. Henna is plant based and in many cases 100% natural, many researchers claim that henna strengthens the hair. Although the application is a bit messy, it is a fairly simple process. Section the hair, coat each section with the henna, and then allow it to soak into the hair for a few hours. Once rinsed, it will not only give hair a shiny look but it will also have a slightly reddish or brownish tent depending on the shade selected!


I used the Reshma Femme henna brand, the toffee shade. I started by placing the contents of henna in a container. I then added oil and organic green tea to the container and mixed it until it was in a paste form. I coated my hair with the henna and left it on for two hours. I actually laid out by the pool in the sun to help the time pass. (I should also include that I covered my hairline with Shea Butter to avoid staining my skin.)



My hair feels thicker

My hair looks shinier


It’s a slightly messy process

I didn’t see a difference in the color of my hair (next time I will try a reddish color)


Ohhh and the next time, I will be sure to cover all of the areas in my bathroom so that I don’t stain my floors lol because henna stains easily!! (I’ll also add a bit more tea to the henna for a better paste form.) After I applied the henna and washed it out, I used flexi rods to curl my hair.


All in all my first henna experience wasn’t half bad. I may be trying this again in the future. Have you ever tried Henna? What was your experience like?




7 thoughts on “My Henna Experience

  1. I’ve been so curious about henna treatments! Sigh…I’ve been on the fence about trying it but I’m already a lazy natural so I dunno if I will have the energy to do it all. I’ve heard some naturals say it takes hours for them to finish the process. Do you personally feel that the results are worth the effort??

    • Yeahhh about that lol it does take alot of time and effort. I honestly only tried it because the henna was apart of a box that I was subscribed to. It took AWHILE for me to decide to even do it lol I’m not disappointed with my results at all though. I do feel like my hair is thicker and shinier. I would continue to do my research and decide what was right for me and if you decide to try henna make sure it’s on a lazy day when you don’t have ANYTHING to do lol

    • Ohh I love your curls. Thanks for explaining the procedure in detail so we will pick a lazy afternoon to do the procedure.

  2. Hey
    I’ve never tried Henna but my friend loves it
    For a reddish tint, you have to add red wine to your henna paste (or hibiscus tea)
    For a brown tint, you could add tea.
    Henna on its own will only make your hair darker overtime, and even then, whatever tint it gives after you mix, is mostly visible in sunlight.

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