Cool Spots: New Orleans

NAW ORLLEANS!! People, people, people when you hear others bragging about the food in New Orleans IT’S NO EXAGGERATION!! One could easily gain 10 pounds just by visiting for a weekend LOL. My girlfriends and I had the pleasure of visiting lovely NOLA a couple of weeks ago. We went so many places and played the tourist role but I specifically wanted to rave about the MAGNIFICENT food we ate there!
cafe du monde

Cafe Du Monde: Of course we got beignets. It seemed like whenever I would mention that I was going to New Orleans to anyone, they told me that I just HAD to try the beignets. While I do admit that they were tasty, it wasn’t unlike anything that I’ve ever tried in my life. It kind of reminded me of a funnel cake. (So if you’ve had a funnel cake then you aren’t missing out much) Nonetheless, Cafe Du Monde is a cool spot. The service was nice, fast, and I appreciated the experience.

The Crazy Lobster Bar and Grill

Later that day we ate at a spot called ‘The Crazy Lobster Bar and Grill‘ and also took a boat tour where they provided a meal while we were on the water. I felt like I couldn’t get enough of red beans and rice, I LOVED the jambalaya, fried okra, and shrimp po boys sandwiches! ALL OF THE FOOD WAS SPECTACULAR!

The next day we came across the Bennachin Restaurant ‘A taste of Africa’ it was a pleasant surprise. This food was amaze balls! I love spicy food and the chicken dish that I selected, hit the spot! I got the Cope ni Cone with boneless chicken, broccoli, ginger, garlic sauce and rice. It was just enough food I LOVED IT! When you hit up New Orleans I would definitely recommend trying this place!

bennachin resturant

We also tried crawfish at a spot called Cajun Seafood. It was my first time eating crawfish and although it was alot of work for a little bit of meat it was super yummy! We coupled it with corn on the cob and potatoes. The juices in the crawfish were very spicy and set my tongue on fire but I couldn’t stop eating them lol.

Cajun Seafood Crawfish

We ventured to the French Market and I even tried alligator on a stick while I was there. It has a distinct kick to it …. a tad bit spicy (seems like all food in NOLA is spicy lol) but considering how alligators are so feisty and aggressive I wouldn’t expect anything less!
French Market Fried Alligator
Aside from the food, I loved the atmosphere! I mean even the music that you hear as you’re walking the streets …. I think I’m in LOVVEE with that city!! I must return very soon πŸ™‚
New Orleans
Have you ever been to New Orleans? What spots did you fall in love with?

6 thoughts on “Cool Spots: New Orleans

  1. It has been many years (before the big storm) since I visited New Orleans. But my best memories are the food. Oh boy…the gumbo was out of this world. Looking at your fabulous pictures bring back wonderful memories. Perhaps it’s time for a visit in the near future. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I would love to go to New Orleans. When I had cable I would watch the Food Network travel and competition programs and dream about all the yummy food. Red beans and rice (said in a Homer Simpson voice). Looks like fun. I want to go next time. LOL

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