Do Unto Others…

IMG951656Lately I have seen a number of people prancing around treating others any type of way without a care in the world and justifying their actions by simply saying…. that’s just how I am! NEWS FLASH we are all but one person existing within a universe of many and although our households, families and friends may allow us to get away with certain behaviors, at some point or another we will encounter someone who won’t! Do we no longer practice the Golden Rule???

Let’s take a step back just to ensure that we are all on the same page here! The Golden Rule is the Ethic of Reciprocity that states; One should treat others as One would like others to treat Oneself.

Simple right?! Good! So now that that is clear, why don’t we practice it? Why are we as individuals in society so selfish and self-absorbed? We all need to take out the time to get over ourselves and think about the next person. I have honestly made a vow to myself to CONSTANTLY be the best person that I can be. And since it is IMPOSSIBLE to be perfect I know this is a goal that I will never cease to strive towards accomplishing. Therefore I will do everything in my power to do better, work harder, help others, spread positivity, hopefully inspire, and be inspired! In my mind whether you are the person who is serving me in a restaurant or the individual responsible of making impactful decisions that affect society I will treat you the way you desire to be treated, which is simple like a human being. And honestly I will do this regardless of how another may treat me. Now of course how one treats me will affect the deeper aspect of our overall interaction but none the less I will do to others what I would like to be done to me!

Some people just don’t understand that a first impression is truly a lasting impression and it always builds the framework of the foundation to the relationship that is established amongst individuals. So guess what?! If you meet someone and you treat them less than and then down the road play the card “just let the past be the past” that particular person may not go for that.

My suggestion for all of us is to think before we act and interact. As well as always be mindful of whether or not we would stand firm behind some of the choices we make and the actions we take. If we can honestly say that it is something we would not want to represent for us as an individual it is probably something that we shouldn’t do to begin with.

Will you be more cognizant to treat others that you will encounter in the same manner that you would like for them to treat you?



7 thoughts on “Do Unto Others…

  1. It can be hard to remember to do that, especially if you’re on the receiving end of rudeness. Kill them with kindness! You’ll feel much better knowing that YOU did everything you could to be a positive human being!

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