Shanay’s Hair Story

Today’s feature is a fellow Aggie! She was Vee’s roomie in college and one of the very first natural girls that we encountered. We simply adore her beautiful hair! Meet Shanay: 

shanays hair story

When did you decide to go natural and why?

I got my first perm around my sophomore year of high school. I have a tight natural curl and was frustrated that I could never wear my hair down without worrying about it immediately curling up, so I started getting relaxers about every 4 months just to tame the tightness of my curl. While in college I tried the natural route- I made it almost 2 years without chemicals but I eventually ran out of patience and defaulted back to a relaxer. I’ve always been one to experiment with my hair and try new cuts and styles so when I graduated I cut my hair into a short style. At that time, and for about 6 months after, I was still getting perms.  I didn’t have plans on going natural while letting my hair grow back, but it happened (lol). As my hair grew out it was actually easier to style my hair in it’s natural state, my hair was very healthy and growing back FAST so at that point I made a conscious decision to leave chemicals alone and just let my hair be. But…. the longer my hair got the harder it was for me to find different styles to wear my hair, and my hair began breaking off because I was using too much heat to control my curls…so again, I defaulted to a relaxer. I was pretty disappointed in myself for taking the easy way out by getting a relaxer so I promised myself that would be the last relaxer I’d receive and that was November 2011 so I’m a little over 1.5 years in now. I love my hair in it’s natural state and with the help of YouTube and friends I think I’ll be more successful in finding ways to wear my hair while in the transition phase, which will help keep my mind off constantly straightening it and keep it healthy. My hair has always been fairly healthy, so my reason for going the natural route is because I don’t need a perm to be able to style my hair any more.

shanays hair story2

Describe your hair.

My hair is in the transition phase. I have about 3-4 inches of natural, tight curls and the rest is relaxed but still wavy. I usually wear it straight because it gets frizzy quickly when it’s set or curled.

shanays hair story3

What’s your hair routine?

My hair routine is pretty simple. I wash my hair once a week using Organix tea tree shampoo and Organix Argon oil with Shea butter conditioner. I deep condition once a month using the Organix argon oil conditioner. After washing and conditioning my hair I apply Argon oil throughout my hair as a lightweight oil moisturizer then style.

shanays hair story4

Do you have any hair goals?

Completely transition to a natural state while keeping as much length as possible

What is the greatest lesson that you have learned through your hair journey?


shanays hair story5

Some new naturals may be slightly intimidated about rocking and trying new styles. What’s your advice to them?

My advice is to ease into it. Start off with new easy to do styles then gradually get more creative. I was very hesitant to try new or creative styles but when I did they were received very well so it made me more comfortable to keep getting more creative. I also started using more hair accessories to add a little more flair to my hairstyles.

shanays hair story6

How can people contact you?

Email me!

Thanks for sharing your story with us Shananikans 🙂 


The Greene Gals


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