The Power of Decisions

Every decision that we will ever make will have an impact, consequence and possible domino effect in some way, shape or form. And many times the outcome of our decisions not only have an aftereffect on us but many others as well. I wanted to write this to remind you all, as well as myself, that we should make the best decisions that we possibly can in all situations. I was inspired to write this post after the recent and tragic Trayvon Martin case, which has definitely caused an uproar.


DISCLAIMER: This post does not state or share any information on OUR personal views on the incident or the verdict.

 Zimmerman didn’t know his decision would domino effect into what it has become nor did he know how many people he would effect by his actions but we must all remember that our choices effect not only ourselves but others as well. With that being a known fact, we should make a conscious effort to always make the best decisions possible in any given situation so that it can guide us to the best possible outcome. This situation is just a major example that depicts the point I am trying to stress but we all deal with minor ones throughout our daily lives.

Even if in ones home life they are never taught good decision making skills we can all agree that society will provide a general idea between what is right and what is wrong.

To put it simply we should remember to always THINK before we ACT and KNOW WHY we choose the decisions that we make. Be accountable and stand behind them. If we are not willing to do that then subconsciously we know that we are not making the best decision to begin with. Remember to not only consider the potential effects that it will have on your life but others surrounding you as well. If this was practiced regularly our society in general would be so much better. Lets alter the world one decision at a time!

With that being said, will you be more cognizant of the choices that you make on a daily basis?




2 thoughts on “The Power of Decisions

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  2. I will certainly try to be more aware of my daily decisions, but that is sometimes easier said than done. It’s a great reminder, and it can be done, just takes intentional effort to do it.

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