Protecting Hair From the Sun

It’s official …. Its summer summer summer time! (ques Will Smith music) While we are so very excited about warm weather, it’s important to remember while attending all the tasty cookouts & participating in outdoor activities, that summer brings excessive heat. Our hair needs protection!

We’ve got a few tips that may help protect your hair from the sun:

Protection from the Sun

  • Utilize hats and scarfs while being exposed in the sun for long periods of time. Investing in a straw or fedora hat is a great idea.  They look great and are very stylish while protecting your face and hair as well. Plus, they can be found at Target for as little as $10.
  • Use products with protective and fortifying ingredients. Jane Carter Solution  Revitalizing Leave In Conditioner contains oils that serve as a protective barrier to the hair and prevent damage from heat styling.  Try looking for conditioners with sunscreen in them or use your favorite conditioner and add sunscreen to it to protect your tresses.
  • Drink WATER WATER WATER! We all know how vital water intake is but it’s especially important during the summer months because of the high temperatures. We’ve got to stay hydrated. Water is an essential part of our bodies so the more you drink water the better your tresses will look and feel!products I used
  • The next tip piggybacks off of the last tip, but lets face it retaining moisture is one of the keys to success for healthy natural hair. While you should strive to have healthy moisturized hair all year long, it’s especially important in the summer. Hair loves moisture and finding your tresses favorite moisturizer will be helpful this summer. Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie & Eden Body Works All Natural Curl Defining Cream are great choices to moisturize the hair!
  • Protective styling is essential for maintaining healthy hair. Protect your hair from the harsh summer elements by protecting your ends. Bun or twist it up while you are out in the sun. Your hair will thank you later!Charla&Charlotte

All of these tips should help protect your tresses in these hot summer months! In what other ways will you protect your tresses this summer?

Loves, Hugs, & Beautiful Tresses,



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