Hairspiration! : Charla

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The Kink And I

Charla here! I am currently a HR Specialist residing in Richmond, VA. Originally born and raised in Greensboro, NC


When did you go natural and how did you do it?

I originally decided to go natural in May of 2011. I already had a very short haircut, close cut in the back. I had had my haircut for about 3 years and I just wanted to try something different. I decided to grow my hair out and I just said I would grow it out without using any chemicals.

So I transitioned for 6 months and it was very easy because my hair was already styled in a short cut. By Thanksgiving 2011 I cut off all of the relaxed ends. While I was transitioning and after I would wear my hair in braids, twist, and tracks for the most part. I did this to avoid heat and messing with…

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