Flat Twist Updo & Summer Challenge Update

Happy Humpday! In my ‘no heat’ quest for this summer, I solicited Crystal to try a twist updo on me (in other words I saw her rocking it and begged her to try it on me lol).  She flat twisted and pinned my hair up into a CUTE updo! It was very simple, if you can flat twist you can do it too.

Crystal owns every Oyin Handmade Product that there is lol, so we used Oyin products on my hair. She divided my hair into 3 sections. Beginning with the back right section she carefully parted my hair into even sections and used clips to keep the parts in place. Then she began flat twisting my hair from the back and moved towards the front.  She flat twisted the middle portion of my hair as well.

After she twisted all of my hair she grabbed the middle section and began twisting it into a a roll and used bobby pins to pin it up. It was super cute and I rocked it for 4 days before taking the middle section out. Ya’ll know I love a mohawk!! So I sported the mohawk look for a couple of days before removing the twist (only because my hair got fuzzy) but my hair had a fierce twist out afterward.


image(Above Picture: Twist out afterwards)

I loved the style and it only took about a hour to complete! Thanks again Crystal XOXO!!

Summer Challenge Update:

For some reason this summer’s challenge seems a tad bit more difficult than last summer  … maybe its because I have more hair?! Idk … but I’m continuously looking for simple and easy ways to rock it. A few of my girlfriends have braids and I ain’t gone lie that’s looking like a GREAT option right now lol talk about minimum prep time in the morning!

How are you all rocking your tresses this summer?




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