Makenzie’s Hair Story

We recently reached out to one of our favorite people to share her hair story. Miss Makenzie Moss!!! She is truly our sister! She is one of the most unique people that we have ever encountered. Not only is she beautiful she is also wise, sassy, extremely driven, talented, down to earth, fun and loving among other things.  Catch up with Makenzie below as she shares her hair story:

  • When did you decide to go natural and why? 
 I have been natural since the 6th grade, when I first received a relaxer treatment. It was an horrifying experience! As I sat in the salon chair I was more than excited to remove the future tangles and stress of my mother combing through such a forest of long hair. The treatment was gently brushed onto my scalp after the Vaseline application around my edges. I can’t quite recall the timing of my stylist applying the treatment, but I sat patiently waiting only to find out I’d have to sit there until I felt the burning sensation of a HOT BALL OF FIRE on my head. Yes, the fire was real! I calmly stated it’s time to wash this stuff out.
My stylist rinsed, shampooed, and conditioned my hair. During the process, my scalp felt sensitive, as if I was bald. What happened to the heavy weight of my hair? I was excited for the sleek look, but more horrified of what happened to my thick hair.
Fast forward to me leaving the salon. My hair was pressed, shiny, and flowing in the wind. A few days later, my scalp was scabbed severely and it took weeks for it to recover from such an unhealthy process. My mom washed my hair, but the scalp was too sensitive to play in. I ended up going to school looking a “hot mess” for a few days.
  • Describe your hair.  
My hair is thick, curly, and manageable.  It can do anything! Back flips, cartwheels, jumps, swim, sit, dance! That’s funny, right? Seriously, it’s a wonderful grade of hair because I love anything God has given me! I’d say the same if I was bald.
  • What’s your hair routine?  
I’m actually not a “natural hair phase” groupie. Although my hair is natural, and has been for years, I don’t give my hair any special attention as does the currently “going natural movement” people! I don’t use the popular natural hair products that are sold for an “arm and a leg.” In other words, I do not have a hair routine. I use whatever is on sale. I wrap my hair in satin/silk scarf or bonnet and call it a night! I only oil my hair when it’s colored or in braids. Shampoos and conditioners very (depends on what scent I feel like smelling). Silly me.
  • Do you have any hair goals?
My hair has always been long (past a brasserie line). A year ago, I cut it into a bob and it’s been growing back just fine. No goals for my hair. I love it in whatever state. If you know me, most times I have on a baseball cap anyway.
  • What is the greatest lesson that you have learned through your hair journey?
The greatest lesson I’ve learned is probably “stay away from the senegalese twist and never braid your hair tight.” Wait a minute, I forgot a very important lesson learned. Never, and I mean NEVER, oil your scalp with braids. Just oil along the braids, but not the roots where the oil can clunk up causing breakage due to knots.
  • Some new naturals may be slightly intimidated about rocking and trying new styles. What’s your advice to them?
Enjoy your hair! It’s just hair. Whatever you do to it, it can be fixed! Don’t think that because you’re “going natural” you can’t press your hair w/out damaging your curl pattern. Wearing natural styles may not be for everyone, but the important part is that you’re not killing your hair with a relaxer. I very rarely where my hair natural. My hair is thick and healthy and I press it all the time. I even colored my hair again!
image (3) image (4)
  • Any upcoming events or anything else you would like to add:
 No upcoming events! Be you and love the hair God has given you!
  • How can people contact you?
People can contact me by commenting on this post. I’m more than willing to answer any questions!
Thanks for sharing your story with us Mackenzie! 🙂
The Greene Gals

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