Hairspiration! : VeCoya

Vee was featured on blog last Friday! Check out my ‘Hairspiration’ story post! Be sure to check out the Kin Kandi blog as well it’s super dope! Charla’s story is coming up soon! Thanks AB 🙂

The Kink And I

Eku Friday!! 

It’s Friday, and you know how we love Fridays on the blog! 😀

Today, VeCoya is dishing natural hair inspiration!

Introduce you!

Hi I’m VeCoya. I work a 9-5 yay I’m a full blown adult lol. I’m from North Carolina but currently reside in Maryland.


When did you go natural and how did you do it?

I received my last relaxer in January of 2009. I went the natural route because my hair was breaking off due to excessive heat damage. I was using the flat iron entirely too much, I’m talking almost daily WITHOUT A HEAT PROTECTANT! I was sooooo CLUELESS at the time but hey you live and you learn. Through the transition process, I was surprised and intrigued by my natural curls. Thanks to Youtube videos and natural hair sites like Protecting your Crown and Glory and CurlyNikki, I began to learn how to…

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