Girl It’s a Photo Shoot!

Now I’m no runway model but I did have the pleasure of working with an awesome team earlier this month! Aleah from Shape Up Your Make Up was looking for a model to showcase her makeup skills and expand her portfolio. She teamed up with Olisi a great stylist, Douglas was the photographer and yours truly attempted to play model lol. I met up with Aleah early that afternoon so that she could do my make up.

It took about an hour to apply all of the make up which isn’t too bad at all. Aleah used Bobbi Brown concealer and I really liked what she did to my eyes! The E.L.F. eye shadows  made my eyes pop. I loved the Red Cherry eyelashes she used because they looked so natural (I just have to do better with applying them myself lol, but I remember that with practice makes perfect so I WILL GET BETTER!) Olisi bought several outfits but just to our luck the first outfit worked perfectly and was just what she had in mind for the shoot. Olisi also twisted my hair (It was so fast and effortlessly easy that we may have to ask her to do a tutorial lol). We then headed to the National Harbor to take advantage of the great scenery. Aleah wanted a Nautical Theme for the shoot. Everyone showed up for the photo shoot even Mickey (yeah … we named the mouse in the bottom right picture lol) and YES all the girls went running wild when we saw this little creature!

Below are some of my fav pics from the shoot! It was great working with all of these talented individuals and loads of fun! If you ever require any of their services you should definitely utilize them!

MUA: Aleah Rae /

Stylist: Olisi Johnson /

Photographer: Douglas Ramsey /

What do you think of our photo shoot fun?

21 thoughts on “Girl It’s a Photo Shoot!

  1. VeCoya!! You look aaaamazing!!! I know Aleah, I thought she was still here in Charlotte. Either way the makeup & wardrobe meshed well together! I love it!

  2. V queen you look BEAUTIFUL! I love this look with the shorts & hat but I have to say my favorite is the one when you’re standing on the rock. It’s FLY. So glad to see you walking in your passion and really enjoying yourself..You and Charla never cease to amaze me : )


    • Why thank you that means a lot coming from you since your so very skilled behind the camera! When we saw that mouse the girls dropped everything and ran lol

    • Why thank you! You’re so skilled behind the camera that means a lot coming from you!! Trust, all of the girls dropped everything when we saw that mouse … jumped on top of benches and everything lol

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