But … I Have Nothing To Wear?!

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The story of every girls life! Or is it just me?! Now do you really have nothing to wear in your wardrobe??? Or, are you like me and you just need to reorganize your closet to make things more visible?

Let me begin by saying that I have found myself saying this quite often. I felt like I had nothing to wear for a number of reasons.  Well for one my stuff was not visible, it was organized, but not as visible as I would like for it to be. Also, I had pieces in my closet that I had owned for a while so I was honestly just over seeing the same stuff all of the time. Another thing is I have a lot of “different pieces” which sometimes take time to wear because I want to wait. So I can wear it at the right time to the right place with the right accessories and so on and so forth. (You know what I am talking about.)

But when a lot of my friends come over and raid my closet I always hear “When did you get that.” or “I have never seen you wear this.” Which goes to show I don’t need any new items I just needed to reorganize.

So I was recently given the opportunity to reorganize for two reasons. One being the change of the season and two a recent move into a new apartment which means a new space . Every other season I swap out my clothes. So when spring arrives once it gets warm enough I will pull out my shorts, sandals, and other things. And once fall comes and it starts to get cool I pull out my winter boots, jackets, etc. This process has really helped me personally. I am able to have a routine where I am cognizant of what I have, what I no longer want, and what I need. This process is also beneficial because it is a space saver. I store all of my off season clothes in a huge plastic storage bin that has wheels on it. (I want to say its 35 gallons, it is a challenge to fit everything into it but I make it work lol)

With the recent move came a bigger apartment and more storage space which came with my very own walk-in closet!!! (Does happy dance) I reorganized EVERYTHING! I gave all of my belongings a home. Meaning 9 times out of 10 when or if someone were to ask me for a specific item I can respond by saying “second draw to the right” or “in the closet on the top shelf in the third stack”. Now some may call that being OCD but trust me establishing a home for your belongings makes life so much easier. This is how my closet  turned out.

I hang just about everything. I fold items like my jeans, shorts, and casual skirts. I also have a black chest, boxes, and some of the closet floor to sort my shoes. I used clear push ins to hang my necklaces and I brought a closet organizer that creates a second level to hang clothes instead of one.

(It’s the silver bar, you can find that at walmart.)

Overall this process has really improved my productivity and I can get dressed faster which saves everyone a headache lol. Grant it we have only been in the new place for two weeks so I am not quite finished. It is definitely a work in progress. But none the less it has to get done because I personally do not function well in a cluttered environment. Once you get organized and you have everything in place it is simply and all you will have to do is maintain it!  (FunFact: I will NEVER stop shopping but I do know that I have more than enough!)


So I ask you again, Do you really have nothing to wear?! Or, do you just need to get organized?!




2 thoughts on “But … I Have Nothing To Wear?!

  1. girl this looks great! I have had a walk in closet for the last 4 years and its awesome but as every year goes my closet looks smaller and smaller!! I have no room anymore! I thought about doing a post about this after i figure out how to organize my closet better but I am trying to avoid having to do it! lol.

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