Cool Spots: New York (Soul Sister Quisine & Junior’s)

Of course New York is one big cool spot in general but a couple of weekends ago my friends and I embarked on a mini vacation and spent the weekend in Brooklyn, NY. Between shopping, playing the tourist role, and attending a few social gatherings we had quite an eventful weekend. Friday night we had dinner and explored Time Squares. And by Saturday morning we were curious about Brooklyn and walked around aimlessly until we found an adventure.

We came across several vendors that together made up an outdoor market place. I couldn’t help but notice a spot called Soul Sister Quisine : Home of the Best Beef Short Rib’s in Brooklyn. The food smelled excellent and the people greeting the customers were so nice and friendly (gave me a Southern type feel). They let me sample their great grandmother’s 100 year old mac and cheese recipe which was AWESOME!! I purchased some of the vegetarian (no meat used to prepare it) collard greens YUMMY! They also specialize in ribs and chicken (I didn’t purchase any because I didn’t want to tow around a plate with me for the rest of my walking adventure) but the food smelled immaculate and the prices were more than reasonable. I was definitely glad that I came across this spot 🙂 They even deliver and are located at 577 Vanderbilt Ave Brooklyn, NY. If I lived in NY they would know me by name lol!

Later on that day after attending a rooftop party we were hungry again! So we went to the critically acclaimed Junior’s, known especially for its cheesecake. You know the place Diddy made ‘Da Band’ walk across the Brooklyn Bridge for and back just to get him some cheesecake?! (Excuse my randomness but speaking of ‘Da Band’ who remembers this *Who are the 5 best rappers of all time?! Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, & Dylan* Dave Chappelle voice lmbo …. real tears that cracks me up everytime)

Anywho, we weren’t necessarily hungry for dessert so we all got meals and different things at that. I got a basic cheeseburger, one of girlfriends got a rib plate, while my other friend enjoyed a pasta plate. All of the meals were WONDERFUL!! Of course we got the cheesecake too (which was pretty good) but that FOOD!! Listen, ALL of us were still talking about it the next day!!

Here are some pics from the rest of our weekend! NYC is such a blast we’re moving there!  (Lol joking …. no but I’m kinda serious) When you’re in that area hit up Junior’s and look for Soul Sister Quisine!

(Rooftop Pictures Courtesy of

image_2What are some cool spots that you hit up when you’re in New York?




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