No (LOW) Heat Summer Challenge

Over the past two summers, I have managed to go the entire summer without applying direct heat  (blow dryer/flat iron) to my hair. I pretty much go the whole summer with the curly look. In the summer of 2011, I went 16 weeks and in the summer of 2012, I went 15 weeks without direct heat. (When I say heat, I really mean without applying the blow dryer and flat iron to my hair. I still use a hood dryer for deep conditioning and for flexi rods when needed)

I must admit the first few weeks are always the toughest for me but after a while it becomes second nature. And from my experience, these heat-less summers reap many benefits. It’s so humid that straightening hair in many areas of the US is pretty pointless unless you’re gonna sit in an air conditioned area all day lol. These showers and thunderstorms pop up out of NOWHERE in the summertime!! (I got caught in an unexpected monsoon the other day smh) I also notice that by the end of the summer I often times feel that my hair is much curlier & thicker. Plus upon summer’s end I notice a real difference when I straighten it because it’s been a 3 or 4 month period in between flat irons.

Picture Below: The end of last summer, the flat iron results!

The challenges we’ve run into in the past are finding new styles, we love variety and are always looking for new styles to rock! We would love for you to join in! Let’s face it we all need encouragement & it’s easier to complete a task when you hold yourself accountable in a group setting. The last time Charla used the flat iron was on May 5th & my last flat iron was May 9th. When did you use direct heat last? Start from that date and create your own challenge.

Here are some of the different styles that we often wear in the summer:

Since I know I can complete 16 weeks, I may try to stretch it for 18 weeks until September 11th (which is right around my birthday the beginning of Autumn! HEY I may even try to stretch it until my birthday depending on how I’m feeling lol!!) but everyone can make and set their own rules and goals. We’ll be checking in periodically to show our progress.

At the end of the challenge we want to see if we notice any difference whether that be in length, volume, and/or the over all health of our hair. Length is nice but the ultimate goal is healthy hair! In the meantime, we’ve got to look for other styles and ways to rock our tresses! So please share if you know of any simply & easy to go to styles! We’re all in this together lol

Here are some pics from last summer. Are you down for a no heat summer challenge?
Ready Set GO!

10 thoughts on “No (LOW) Heat Summer Challenge

  1. Well looks like I will be getting a closure and a good old wig then! I don’t be having time to do all of that twisting and twirling in the heat lol! Ima try tho! I can’t start until After June tho!! :(…ah I see those earrings!!

    • LOL at twisting and twirling. A closure or a wig is still protecting your hair so that def counts! You know we love your earrings!!! I rock them faithfully 🙂

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