Get Off The Soap Box

Recently I’ve noticed a lot of people sitting on their soap box! (SOAPBOX: Being overly emotional by constantly complaining and/or dwelling on a situation or confrontation that an individual may be having with another). From my observation, people are taking two approaches, the first being going off on the other individual who is involved in the conflict or they never address the issue but remain in their feelings about it.

These two approaches often times won’t lead to a meaningful resolution. In both of the mentioned approaches individuals are allowing their emotions to dictate the outcome of the situation. Instead of practicing effective communication which is vital in all situations. When effective communication is practiced properly, nine times out of ten it produces a more desirable outcome.

One should never approach a situation without first logically analyzing what occurred and taking into account the role that THEY played in the situation.  As the old saying goes “It takes two to tango” and many people who analyze things while they are still in their feelings find their actions to be justifiable. Often times this is because they are allowing their emotions to influence their rational. Now to clarify, I am not saying that you should never be emotional, upset, or feel “some type of way.” However, at some point its important to calm down and have the ability to rationally analyze the situation.

After we recognize our influence on the situation, we can then recall the event and all that occurred. It’s super important that we take into account what was said by all parties, when it was said, the environment that it took place in, and the individual whom we are experiencing conflict with. These are all important factors!

The other approach, when individuals never address the situation but are constantly discussing it with other people is a waste of valuable time and energy in my opinion. After all, we may be dwelling on something that the other party is COMPLETELY unaware of. Because lets face it, life is busy and people do not have the time to sit around and figure out what’s wrong with us! Regardless of how easy we may feel like it should be for the other individual to figure out.

Overall, we all need to make a conscious effort to not allow our emotions to get the best of us. And the next time that we catch ourselves in this situation, let’s all get off of our soap boxes! Stop dwelling and instead utilize our logic and rational 🙂

When was your last soap box episode?




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