Cool Spots: Natural Night Out Event at the African American Civil War Museum

I attended the Natural Night Out event at the African American Civil War Museum last Thursday. The presale tickets were $8, and my friends it was $8 well spent because I truly enjoyed myself!

The event began promptly at 6:30 pm. It started with a very interesting presentation about the struggles of Black Women and haircare throughout the 18th century. The presentation included methods of how black women cared for their hair during this time period. In some cases these methods ended with really bad results, simply because people weren’t knowledgeable about how to properly care for hair. (One method was so gruesome it actually burned the scalp on contact!)

The presentation also included advertisements and newspaper clippings/pictures for ‘miracle hair grower creams’ and ‘skin lightening creams’ during the 18th century. I recognized a few names mentioned like Madame CJ Walker and Garrett Morgan. I was shocked to find out that there were so many versions of ‘skin lightening cream’ that were made & sold during this time period. Like I said the presentation was quite intriguing. I can see how some of these topics and issues are relevant and still effect our society today.
Following the presentation, there was a panel discussion. The panel was composed of a professional stylist, two hair stylists, and natural hair blogger La Coco Bella, Lauren. Topics included caring for your natural hair and a discussion about the natural hair movement, is it a fad or is it here to stay?!
The one thing that I really appreciated and took away from the panel discussion was being confident and true to yourself no matter how you rock your hair. Also, we can’t be afraid to cut our hair or rock it in different styles. Hair is just that …. HAIR! Cues Crystal’s theme song ‘I am not my hair’ *India Arie voice* lol.
There were various vendors present like Pampered Pits, Curls, and Shea Radiance. The jewelry vendors were super cute, and I really liked the ‘Natural Night Out’ back drop that they encouraged all the guests to take pictures in front of! Oh and we all got goody bags (ya’ll know my inner product junkie was stoked lol) I even copped these cute earrings! (Below bottom right picture)
The Natural Night Out was a blast. And the African American Museum looks fascinating as well. All the time that I spend on U street and I never noticed it *tisk tisk* but I want to go back just to tour the museum!
I also got a chance to meet the event organizer Erica (pictured on the left in the above picture). Stay tuned if you are interested and in the DC area because the next Natural Night Out event will be held this fall!
Would you attend the next one?
Found this last picture of me and my friends from the Capitol Media blog. The website is pretty dope & the photographer takes awesome pics!!

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