Ruby Woo & Ri Ri Woo

I, much like everyone else, had to purchase the RiRi Woo lipstick when I saw it go on sale on the Mac Cosmetics website and believe me it was no easy feat! Purchasing the lipstick alone took a whole hour because the website was running so slow (I don’t think the website was designed to handle such heavy traffic). Anyways, Ruby Woo is amazing and looks good on practically all skin tones so I figured RiRi Woo would be a great purchase as well.

(Top left and right photos; on the left is RiRi Woo and on the right is Ruby Woo)

photo-35(Bottom Image RiRi Woo with her signature)
It’s the first of the Rihanna and Mac collaboration. Mac’s description of RiRi Woo goes as follows ‘Introducing our cult classic shade Ruby Woo remixed with the RiRi Edge.’ Clearly the two colors are very similar. I am a fan of Rihanna’s music, so Navy please don’t kill me but to be completely honest, I did not notice a distinct difference. But then again it’s ‘a remix’ so this is not necessarily a bad thing.
(Top image Ruby Woo; Bottom Image RiRi Woo)
ri ri woo
I wore RiRi Woo to an event this past weekend and received numerous compliments from people who are also familiar with Ruby Woo. In fact, my roommate Tiffani, who is a make up Guru, stated that RiRi Woo is a darker and cooler tone than the Ruby Woo. But to the untrained eye, I’m talking about myself in this case, I don’t see any distinct differences besides Rihanna’s signature on the lipstick lol. But hey I’m not complaining it was only $15 and I’ll rock both colors! Now I think I have a 3 year supply of red lipstick between RiRi Woo and Ruby Woo lol.
One thing is for sure, every woman should have a staple go to red lipstick & this one is a great choice! If you missed the first batch of RiRi Woo and are looking to secure your copy stay tuned to the Mac Website it goes back on sale in June!
(Below Charla has on RiRi Woo)
ri ri woo
What are your thoughts? Can you see the difference?

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