Cool Spots: Gino’s East of Chicago

Greetings Beautiful People from Chi Town AKA the Windy City of Chicago! I just touched down and so far I am having a good time. The weather is gorgeous & I got a chance to enjoy Chicago’s famous deep dish pizza that everyone raves about. Right after leaving the airport, the first stop we made was ‘The Original Gino’s East of Chicago’.



I loved the ambiance of the restaurant, it gave a home type family feel. As soon as we entered we were seated, the server was very attentive, & the customer service was great.  She explained the menu to us & when we told her we wanted deep dish pizza she informed us that it would take 40 minutes to make. (I’m so glad she gave us the 40 minute prep time talk or else things would’ve gotten ugly lol that’s how HUNGRY I was.) I decided to get the ‘Chicago Fire’ with spicy sausage, roasted peppers, & red onion. My friends got the ‘Meaty Legend’ with sausage, pepperoni, canadian bacon, & bacon. My friends and I had great conversation & right before I got a little antsy the waitress brought out the plates. (YAY that means the food is coming!)


Guys I’m not lying when I say that this pizza had the most wonderful aroma! The pizzas came in little deep dish pans that were so hot the waitress had to cut them up and serve the pieces to us. (My first thought was ohhhhh this is who Pizza Hut tries to imitate lol).

The ‘Chicago Fire’ was AMAZING!! I’m a lover of spicy foods so I absolutely adored it, especially with the extra sauce & cheese, it was truly delicious. I got a chance to try the ‘Meaty Legend’ too, it was pretty good but the ‘Chicago Fire’ was better in my opinion so I definitely made the right decision lol. Although I couldn’t eat this everyday (all of the cheese would give me ISSUES if you know what I mean lol) this was DEFINETLY a treat. I’m in Chicago for a few more days so I’m sure I will have a chance to try some other cool spots but I now see why people rave about Chicago’s Deep Dish Pizza! If you ever see a Gino’s pull over IMMEDIATELY & take advantage lol.


Have you ever tried Chicago’s Deep Dish Pizza?




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