Arts & Crafts Projects (Thinking Outside of the Box Continued)

Last week was definitely filled with lots of arts and crafts projects for me. In total, I ended up making four personalized photo boxes and 3 pairs of earrings!

Two of the personalized photo boxes were for Mother’s Day and the other projects, two photo boxes and three pairs of earrings were made for my cousins birthdays.

The above image is a picture of my mother’s personalized photo box. The theme of the box was simple and elegant which I feel describes my mother to a tee! The box was black and pale pink. On the inside of the photo box the background included a clock because she is timeless and  the inside also included a photo of my mother and my sister and myself. The outside of the box had a pale pink border. The top of the box was a poem entitled “Mother” by an unknown author. On the top left corner there was a rose and it said “unconditional love” and the middle bottom there was a sticker that said “Mothers hold their child’s hand for a moment, and their hearts for a lifetime.” I loved the outcome, in fact this is one of my favorite photo boxes that I have created!


The next mother’s day photo box was made for my boyfriends mother! The theme for her box was elegant and sassy, which I also feel describes her personality to a tee as well!  The colors I used were black, gold, and teal. On the inside of the box the background was gold and there was photo of Chris and his mother together. The outside of the box had a teal border. In the top left corner there was a quote by Louisa May Alcott that stated, “Happy is the Son whose faith in his Mother remains unchallenged.” Around the sides of the photo box were section of a poem entitled, “You Were There…” (author unknown) Around each section of the poem was a teal border and gold swirls.

I also made two photo boxes for my cousins who had recent birthdays, Jairus and Saniyah.

The above photo is of my cousin Jairus’ photo box. The box was difficult for me because I didnt know exactly where to start and I didnt want to do too much. The box had a color theme of black, white and gold. The inside of the box included a photo of Jairus and the outside of the box had a gold border the include his birth month and day and his age. Around the edges of the box were black and white strips and I put his name at the top.

The last photo box was for my baby cousin Saniyah who recently turned two years old. Inside of the box was a collage of her and cheetah print. Everyone loves cheetah print! The outside of the box had a gold border with black and silver swirls. Her name was going down the left side in multiple colors and the top right was the number two.

I also made three pair of earrings for one of my little favorites Madison (she is Christopher’s younger cousin) She is such a cutie pie and she just turned seven. She is always asking me when we are going to make earrings together. So I made her some  for her birthday! The above photo is of the three pair that I made for her. One pair was white, black and pink with a M, the initial of her name. The other was white cheetah print with teal blue and the last pair were orange tiger print.

All of the gifts were made with love for people that I love. I hope that they enjoy them just as much as I enjoyed making them!

What do you think of the photo boxes & earrings? What are some of your favorite DIY Arts & Crafts projects?




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