Black Party Dress!

Black Round Neck Sleeveless Long Dress

A little over a year ago I converted a long black sleeveless dress, similar to the one above, into a short black party dress! It was very simply and it turned out great. I decided to share this with you all because I was thinking of applying this idea to a few other dresses this summer!

For starters I tried on the dress and got an idea of where I wanted it to fall. Since I was going to a party I wanted it to be short. I made a mark to determine the length and took the dress off. I then took a ruler and about a inch and a half lower than the initial mark I drew a line across the dress of where I wanted it cut. I cut the dress and then used a sewing machine to hem it. I then thought to myself, “Why not add sleeves?!” I took the remainder of the material and created two flowy sleeves and attached them. The end result was super cute and it was completely free because the dress use to be my mommy’s!

Nonetheless I will be doing this again this summer. I feel like I could find some long sleeveless dress thrifting and transform them! I just wanted to share. If you like the outcome maybe you could try it too!


Have you ever transformed an article of clothing into something else?




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