Vee’s Hair Update & Length Check

Twelve weeks later & I’m back with another length check. For various reasons, I decided to get my hair straightened yesterday in hopes that it will last until next weekend. (Crosses fingers we shall see how that goes, cuz its supposed to rain today …. but oh don’t you worry I keep a shower cap in my purse when my hair is straightened …. I PLAY NO GAMES …. It shall not REVERT). *Ends Rant*


Anywho I, much like Charla, do not plan on straightening my hair this summer, (the humidity is CRAZY here in DC) so I figured it would be the PERFECT time to straighten my hair and get a great trim as well. This time I did not go to the Dominicans, I honestly think I’m done with them because it’s entirely too much heat! But after conducting extensive research LOL and thanks to my roomie Tiffani, I discovered a hair dresser named Nicole that specializes in hair care.

(SO I know I said I would put the scissors down in hopes of retaining length BUT I didn’t cut my hair! I let Nicole do that LOL besides I haven’t trimmed my hair since October so I was high due for it)

vee length check

She started by shampooing my hair. Then we deep conditioned my hair and I sat underneath the dryer for 20 minutes. She rinsed out the conditioner and went to work. She used a blow dryer on the low setting, ran through it once with a flat iron & went through each section of my hair trimming away. Then she curled my ends, placed oil on her hands and oiled my scalp & hair.

vee length check2

I loved the end results! My hair looks shiny & just as great if not BETTER than when I went to the Dominicans. She got it looking all flossy *Kelis voice* without the excessive heat. What’s even better is, she trimmed my hair without taking too much off. (Don’t you hate when stylist cut your hair instead of trimming it & don’t give you any type of warning?!). I did a length check with my white shirt (see Length Check 1 2 1 2 post) and I could tell a slight difference. I’m happy with today’s results. My hair is growing but healthy hair is the ultimate goal! This summer I plan on doing lots of wash n goes and protective styles. I can’t wait for the warm weather.

length check 3

What are some of your hair goals this summer?




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