April’s My Brown Box

Howdy folks!! Last week I received April’s My Brown Box and it contained all kind of goodies that I’m excited to try! The theme for April’s MBB was ‘Back to the Basics’ & most of the products in the box where composed of all natural ingredients. So let’s get right into it, April’s box contained:


Brittanie’s Thyme Organic Everyday Moisturizer & Citrus Facial Cleanser Sample:
I’m not familiar with this brand but the label says that the moisturizer contains natural antioxidants and Vitamin E, while the facial cleanser is vegan, soap free, and composed of organic materials as well.  I’ve been looking for a new moisturizer so I’m excited to try it!
Sweet Nature By Eddie Dream Cream Sample: 
Not familiar with this brand but I have so many hair moisturizers that I don’t know what to do with myself lol. It smells good and the first three ingredients are water, shea butter, & cocoa butter! (Which is a great thing!)
Hekalu Naturals Moisturizing Body Butter Sample:
Okay, so I’m accepting that I’m addicted to body butters & this one is no different. It smells AMAZING and is composed of  vitamins and other essential oils. I’m excited.
Sydelle Cosmetics Pampered Pits Sample:
I’ve never tried organic deodorant but I’ve heard great things. Ironically enough, I was at a hair show last weekend and a vendor was selling it. I wanted to buy it so bad but resisted because of the price. I’m happy that this month’s box included this deodorant & this sample should let me know if organic deodorant is my thing or not lol.
S Poncet Eau Eternelle Eau De Parfum Mini Travel Spray:
This perfume had a unique scent. Not sure, if I would make it my ‘go to’ perfume but it does smell good.
Koils By Nature Shea Aloe Leave In Conditioner:
You guys know I’m a sucker for things that smell good. And this leave in smells great! The label says that it is a great detangler. Plus I’ve always heard good things about Koils By Nature so I’m excited to try it!
So there you have it, April’s My Brown Box was filled with all kinds of amazing products. I can’t wait to try Brittanie’s Thyme  Moisturizer & Cleanser! It’s always great to be exposed to new products & to truly receive the bang for your buck. All in all I was fairly satisfied with April’s box.
What are your thoughts? What do you think of April’s My Brown Box?

2 thoughts on “April’s My Brown Box

  1. I need to kick my family out of the house one friday night and just have a beauty ritual night in the bathroom. I really really want to try out the facial cleanser and moisturizer.

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