Making It Your Style


Have you ever purchased a pair of earrings that weren’t really YOUR style just because they were apart of a set?! For example, let’s say the set came with questionable earrings but a cute matching necklace. You really like the necklace!  So you buy the whole set knowing darn well you aren’t really feeling the earrings?

Well this happened to my good friend Jessica (aka JessiePoo). She had a pair of earrings just lying around and said “Do you want these cuz I never wear them?” My response was  “Sure, I can just make them clip-ons.” Which she then combated by saying “Well Charla, if you’re going to do that I am going to want them back!” Lol. In this post, I will explain how simple it was to convert these earrings into something that was more so her cup of tea.


It was super easy and it only took two steps. I removed the wiring that ran through the earring. Then I glued a clip-on backing to the pink stone with an EXTREMELY durable glue and allowed it to dry. I purchased the clip-on backing at Hobby Lobby. The great part is you can purchase either clip-on backings or the backing for pierced ears, which ever one suites you best! And as simple as that, you have another pair of earrings with a completely different style!


I loved the simple change & so did she! What do you think?

Have you ever modified or jazzed up something to make it more so your style?




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