The Curlformers Experience

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard of Curlformers. They are cool looking colorful rollers that I had to have once I saw them. I won’t lie though, I eyed those bad boys for a good three month before I broke down and purchased them. I mean $60 for hair rollers …  Geez Louise!! Any-who I wrote this post in December before I attended a Christmas party & thought this would be a good time to share my experience:

I was invited to a Christmas party this past weekend and thought to myself  hmmmmmm how shall I tame my mane LOL. Flexi rods?? Nope. The infamous bun? Naw, not this time around. Well … what else can you do Vee?

Then BINGO! I remembered my Curlformers that I purchased last summer that are collecting dust under the sink. I have used them twice since I purchased them, and to be perfectly honest, I wasn’t thoroughly impressed.  My real issue is, it is a lot of work to input the rollers, wait for them to dry, and the curls only last for two days. In previous experiences, the amount of effort it takes to input them did not equal the benefits of the end result in my opinion.

This time I parted my hair into four sections. I inserted the rollers in my hair, by stretching the roller onto the rod. Slightly twisting my hair at the root and then placing the rod at the root of my scalp.  Once the rod is released, the roller conforms to your hair into a curl. I used Jane Carter’s Revitalizing Leave In Conditioner, Design Essentials Twist and Set Setting Lotion, and Coconut Oil. (Note: The smaller you section your hair the better! Also, don’t take the rollers out until your hair is completely dry or else this whole process is a COMPLETE waste of time)

I slept in the Curlformers that night …. that had to be the most UNCOMFORTABLE thing ever  BUT the next day I was in love with the end result! I took pictures of Day 2 & Day3 hair.

By night 3 I parted my hair in 6 sections and twisted and bobby pinned my hair before I went to sleep. In the morning, I would undo the twist and finger comb my hair & surprisingly enough my hair was still pretty curly.

All in all, the Curlformers are a great choice if you are looking for an alternative style, perfect for weddings, special celebrations, and parties. Although, I would DEFINITELY recommend you learning how to properly put the Curlformer in once or twice prior to you wearing it for a special event LOL because it may take a few times to get the hang of it and figure out exactly how Curlformers work best for you.

Who knows we may even do a tutorial on it how to use these in the near future!

Although, I won’t be adding the Curlformers into my regular regimen, I will whip these bad boys out for another special occasion! Have you tried Curlformers? What did you think? & How did you make your curls last?




5 thoughts on “The Curlformers Experience

  1. I have seen those before and they gave you very beautiful results, I wouldn’t mind trying them but sleeping in them would be a no-no for me, like you said it was uncomfortable to sleep in, I would just have to sit under the dryer or put them in early in the morning and see if they would air dry.

    • I feel you about the sleeping in them part lol I don’t particularly enjoy sitting under the dryer either. The great part is you can let them air dry or sit underneath the dryer and the curls will turn out the same way

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