Hair Update!

The 2 year mark will be arriving soon, since I decided to grow my hair out and say farewell to relaxers! It has definitely been a journey. So, since I don’t plan on flat ironing my hair this entire summer I thought this would be the perfect time to update everybody & do a length check.

I deep conditioned my hair for about an hour, rinsed it and allowed it to air dry for a little while.



I divided my hair into sections and applied Fantasic IC Hair Polisher Heat Protector Straightening Serum on each section and detangled my hair. My hair was still a little damp so I used the blow dryer on the lowest heat setting. Then I used my Chi flatiron to straighten my hair on 320 degree setting. I have found that this heat protector helps with straightening my hair. Not to long ago,  I straightened my hair without using this serum and definitely noticed a difference …. I promise my hair just did not look as good as it could have! This serum has definitely helped with getting my hair straighter and preventing it from reverting as quickly.


Now I am NEVER able to get my hair completely “bone straight” but that’s okay! lol I know that my hair is not trained to be straight so I will take what I can get. The above image is my final result and I’m very pleased I can see how my hair is growing. I normally bump my ends when I flat iron my hair but I combed out my curls to get a length check.

This summer I plan on using minimal heat simply because there is no point! Due to the humidity my hair reverts right back to its curly state lol but some of my goals this summer are to  ensure that I am protecting my ends and using more protective styling in general.

What are some of your hair goals this summer?




4 thoughts on “Hair Update!

  1. Charla!!! Your hair is beautiful! I love how jet black it is! Happy Early Nappiversary! I’m approaching my anniversary myself on Labor Day. It will be 3 years and counting! I also use the IC Fantasia Serum for heat protection. I love that stuff!!

      • Yea I use to have that issue when I would flat iron my hair myself. I found that the brush I was using while blow drying was not separating my ends properly. My 1st trip to the Dominicans fixed that problem & now I rarely have that issue!

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