Cool Spots: 1st Urban Earth Day Celebration – The Broccoli City Festival

Yesterday, I attended the 1st Urban Earth Day Celebration: the Broccoli City Festival here in Washington D.C.  Broccoli City (BC) endorses and represents living a sustainable and organic lifestyle. More specifically their website reads BC ‘is a media platform that uses creativity to showcase a relatable look into the environment, sustainability, health, and social issues through culture, art, fashion and music — in an effort to improve, encourage and empower the urban community.’ Evidence of their mission and vision was showcased all through out the event.  The ambiance was set OKAY, even the center pieces for the tables were broccoli pieces LOL.

 The BC festival was held at Half Fairgrounds Street near the National Stadium. The DC Fairground was the PERFECT place for the festival to take place. The festivities included live music performances, sustainable vendors, food trucks, yoga & more. I had an absolute blast! In fact, it was so much fun that I don’t even know how or where to begin telling you about it! I mean seriously, how often do you get to attend an event that has a great message and idea attached to it and have an absolute ball as well! The only downside was the weather. It was a tad bit chilly but what are you gonna do? Can’t win them all plus it’s not like you can control the weather lol.

As soon as we entered, we ventured towards the food trucks, many of them looked interesting but the purple and green ‘Something Stuffed’ food truck in particular caught my eye. I got ‘The Timmy’ a greek style empanada made with ground beef and peas; and boy did it not disappoint! It was very tasty & I would definitely get it again. I also tried the lobster roll from the Red Hook Lobstertruck …. One word AMAZING! The food trucks were a great look.

The live performances were awesome as well. Va$htie hosted the event and the line up was amazing. I got to see performances from Big K.R.I.T., Phil Ade, Black Alley, & Dale and the Z Dubs. Big K.R.I.T. kept the crowd rocking especially when he performed ‘Country Ish’. Black Alley’s lead singer Kacey is an amazing performer, I didn’t want the band to leave the stage when their set was over! And although I missed his performance, I heard A&T’s very own, Locke Kaushal possessed amazing stage presence and really vibed with the crowd during his set. Everyone did a fantastic job and the crowd enjoyed all of the performances.

The sustainable vendor section at the festival was dope too. Some of the featured vendors included ArtOfficial Intelligence, Demeanor, RETROspective, and Pink Cashmere Boutique (a very cute online boutique).  I found it super cool that some of the vendors use organic ink for their clothing. Festival attenders were able to check out the vendors, browse artwork and purchase from vendors.

The festival was nothing short of amazing from the fun games to the display of hydrocars, we even saw a yoga class out there. Of course my friends and I enjoyed the craft beers but what was even better was that this festival was held for a great reason. What better way to celebrate going green, informing and interacting with the community than an Earth Day celebration?!

One thing is for sure I will be in attendance for the next Broccoli City event. Will you be apart of next year’s Earth Day Celebration: The Broccoli City Festival?




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