Life is A Stage But This is Not A Dress Rehearsal

Recently, I thought about the structure of society and how WE all, as individuals, play a role in someway, shape or form. “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances, all with a specific role to play… You get one shot. Can’t go back and change anything…” This is the opening phrase that Andre 3000 eloquently quotes in the movie Idlewild, originally derived from William Shakespeare.

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 As stated in this lifetime there will only be one you! So, in my case there will only be one Charla! You may encounter someone similar; but there will never be another me or you for that matter. With that being the case, you only have one chance to live your life and leave your mark on this world. Therefore you must determine what role or position you’re going to take- on and play within this structured society.  Let me explain this a bit further. When I mention structured society I am referring to the current setup and/or placement that exist within society. For example, there’s the good and the bad, the executive and the criminal, or the mayor and the madame. Society is already structured around the principals of noble and evil; success and failure. We as individuals need to do all that we can to be productive and upstanding.

 I personally believe that too many people blame their current position(ing) on others. I know some people may say “You don’t know my background/story. I didn’t choose to be this way or to become this individual.” And I definitely agree but only to a certain extent. I am a firm believer that we are all dealt a different hand and some may be better than others but you have to find a way to create the best outcome with the hand that you have been dealt. I have seen many people my age who have newly entered into adulthood. They allow their previous life experiences, scars and all, to dictate their current choices; it is very unfortunate and to be honest saddening. At what point will we stop looking back on the people and circumstances that have permanently harmed us and make the choice to move forward?

 Anyone who knows me personally could say that my sister and I were given a pretty good hand for a number of reasons. But trust me, we both have had our own personal struggles, insecurities and shortcomings as individuals as well. EVERYONE has issues! And I mean EVERYONE. At some point you have to find a way to address the personal issues that may be stifling your decisions making process and/or personal growth. 
For some people, one day they just have a sudden epiphany (sorta kinda like those movie moments lol) where they are able to identify current issues or causes that have correlated to certain outcomes that have occurred (and of course in movies they are able to fix EVERYTHING right in the nick time smh).  Unfortunately life is not a movie! For others it may take a little more, like some form of counseling whether it is professional or maybe offered through some sort of ministry. Or maybe it takes having that one ‘go to’ person in your life that you can always count on to listen and assist with organizing your thoughts. Regardless of  what works, it is something that must be done. How can we accomplish anything in this life without possessing the knowledge of where we have been and who and what we are?
In all actuality, even those who have been given the best hand may never master how to properly play it! 
Ultimately YOU have the power and it is unfortunate that many of us are unaware of that. Which is why many people allow their past to dictate their future. I wrote this to inspire everyone to set ourselves up to be in a better position  Every decision and/or choice that we make throughout our journey in this life will lead to and determine some sort of outcome.
What mark will you make on this world?



5 thoughts on “Life is A Stage But This is Not A Dress Rehearsal

  1. Wonderful article as always. I agree with you, everyone has their trials and tribulations but how we respond to it and build up is crucial.

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