Product Review – Yes to Cucumbers

Good Morning Loves! I hope everyone is having a fabulous Wednesday. I tried a few new ‘Yes to Cucumbers‘ products and wanted to share my experience with you guys.
Over the past year or so I’ve become very cognizant about the products that I use and consume. I’m not a health fanatic because I still have days where I desire and WILL INDULGE in my share of junk food. But at least I’m putting more thought into these types of things, after all it is the thought that counts right?! lol
 Anyway, these thoughts even apply to products that I use on my skin. For example, I used Noxzema for the longest (nearly all of my life) and although my skin is relatively clear, recently I felt like it just wasn’t working for me anymore. Plus, I won’t lie … I caught a glimpse of the ingredients in it (ohhh chile IT’s a little scary .. Menthol … Stearic Acid … And what is Camphor?!)
Maybe I’m tripping but this led me on a quest to find another facial cleanser. After conducting a little research I decided to try ‘Yes to Cucumbers’ from the ‘Yes to Carrots’ line!  (The ‘Yes to Carrots’ brand has a variety of products including Yes to Tomatoes, Yes to Blueberries, Yes to Grapefruit & yep you guessed it Yes to Cucumbers, which are all composed of mostly natural ingredients)
The Yes to Cucumbers Daily Gel Cleanser
I LOVE this facial cleanser! It has  become a staple product in my skin care regimin. The Yes to Cucumbers packaging states that it is 97% natural (my initial reason for trying the product). Its also hypoallergenic so I knew it wouldn’t be too harsh on my skin. It lathers on smoothly plus my skin always feels clean, fresh, and soft after using this cleanser.
Yes to Cucumbers Facial Towelettes
One word … AWESOME! These towelettes work wonders for removing make up! They work so well that whenever my best friend comes over she’s always searching my bathroom cabinets for them lol. You can also carry the travel size in your purse and use when needed. I would most definitely purchase more.
Yes to Cucumbers Daily Calming Moisturizer
The moisturizer was the only product that I was not too fond of, frankly I didn’t like the scent and I don’t think my skin was too happy about it either. It didn’t make me break out but after using it for three weeks I didn’t see or feel the benefit. This is not to discourage anyone else from trying it but it just didn’t work for me *Ye Shrug* so I switched back to my original moisturizer.
Hey you can’t win them all! But I am officially in love with the ‘Yes to Cucumbers’ Daily Cleanser & the Facial Towelettes that I found at Walgreens!
Now I want to try the ‘Yes to Tomatoes’ line! Has anyone tried the ‘Yes to Tomatoes’ cleanser? What were your thoughts & experiences?
What are some of your favorite facial cleansers?

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