The Laughs & Cries of Sisterhood

Today’s post is dedicated to all of the siblings out there and the importance of establishing a solid foundation with your brother(s) and/or sister(s). Since National Sibling Day was this week we felt that this would be very befitting! Well as you can probably already tell my sister and I are very close and always have been. I’m the little big sister (C) because I’m taller & she’s the big little sister (V) because she’s older (She’s gonna kill me for telling you guys that LOL). That’s not to say that our relationship has always been picture perfect, (because TRUST ME it hasn’t) we have definitely had our ups and downs but at the end of the day, we always find a way to come together, make it work, and allow things to fall right into place.

I would like to share my ‘deeper analysis’ (I like to call it that lol) of the relationship that I have with V. I have found my sibling to be the most similar yet relatively different individual in comparison to myself that I have ever encountered. She brings me balance, yin&yang type deal. If you could take all of the great/extraordinary/awesome characteristics from each of us and combine them together, you would end up with a phenomenal individual. It leads me to ponder if God may have created all siblings this way?! *Just a thought lol*


The key to our success has been open communication and understanding. Over our lifetimes, we have had the privilege of knowing each other and developing a solid friendship.  I am the sensitive, wise, artistic, detail oriented one and my sister is the  outgoing, adventurous, serious-business, self-motivating one.

We share ALOT of similar characteristics as well, we are both very sassy, we wear our emotions on sleeves and we are easily readable. So if we feel some type of way you will be able to tell at some point or another! So you can only imagine how things play out when we feel some type of way towards one another. *Pulls out the punches & lights fireworks because IT’S ABOUT TO GO DOWN lol*

I vividly remember a time when we were in high school and one of our uncle’s was having a serious talk (low-key lecturing session) with us. He stated that “You two are all that you have! You may have acquaintances and close friends but they never can and never will take the place of your sister. Simply because your sister has always been and will always be there. Never forget that!” 

I can honestly say that when he told me this initially, I didn’t really understand the importance of the knowledge that he was sharing. However each additional year that I am blessed to spend on this Earth, I gain a clearer and better understanding of what he was saying that day. My sister is my very first friend, we are only two years apart and it’s only the two of us. She has always been very protective, a little bossy (Mommy #2) but I can NEVER recall a time when she was not there for me. Sure there were times when we just did not vibe. But, at the drop of a hat I know that if I ever needed anything, regardless of whether or not she felt like doing it or if I had to hear her mouth, she would be there. 

I am sharing this because I feel that most siblings (on average) can relate to the relationship that Me&V have. With time comes perfection, and with age has come a better understanding. I accept her for who she is, flaws and all, and she does the same for me. Because we have taken out the time to create a better understanding of one another, we have definitely grown much closer. For those of you who may not be doing so well in regards to your relationship with your sibling(s), I advise that you try to dig deeper to unveil a better understanding of them as an individual. Once you discover some sort of common ground then maybe think of some bonding activities centered around your similar interests and allow things to just flow from there!

I know that this blog has definitely been a tremendous bonding experience for us. We literally talk on the phone MULTIPLE times a day (personal&business related) lol

All in all, it has always been Me&V! Nothing every has or ever will change that! 


How did you celebrate National Sibling Day?

“Be nice to your siblings. They’re your best link to your past and the people most likely to stick with you in the future.” Mary Schmich Wear Sunscreen


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