Hair Interview with Tibias

Today’s feature is another talented fellow Aggie! Our friend Tibias is super creative, a jack of all trades, & has long gorgeous locks that we just had to find out the scoop on! Check out his dope website because we love the ‘HBCU Grad’ shirts & Catch up with him below:

When did you decide to go natural and why?

I decided to go natural when I was born, it never failed me so I stuck with it, lol. No but seriously, I’ve never had any chemicals in my hair except for once when I was younger and was pressed for my waves to come in… not sure if that counts though.

Describe your hair. 

I have very thick, fast growing-hair. It has a mind of it’s own and kind of does what it wants to when it wants to. Rebellious like me.

How long have you been growing your locks?

7 and a half almost 8 years.

What’s your hair routine? And/or How do you maintain your gorgeous locks?

I don’t really have a routine but there are some principles I consider to be kind of common sense now. Healthy hair is based on moisture, you can’t possible have healthy hair without it so I try to make sure to keep something on it even if it’s just hair grease and I stay away from sprays that have alcohol that dry your hair out. Also, when you have natural hair it’s a reflection of what’s going on in your body. If something’s not right, like you’re not getting enough water, or if you’re not getting enough rest, your hair will reflect it. I usually keep my locs two stranded when I get them twisted and them take them out to breath for a week or two before retwisting. I also do a dry wash between full washes because getting my hair washed is a feat in itself, it gets to heavy so I can’t really do it myself. Tried once in the shower and almost drowned, lol.

Oh, I also do tie it up at night with a silk band. I read somewhere a long time ago about how it does something like prevent breaking and drying and that does work.

Do you have any hair goals?

No, not at this point in the game. I’ve proven all the hair goals I’ve had to myself already. Originally I grew my hair because I felt like I had long-term commitment issues and wanted to be reminded everyday that I stuck with something and had a physical result. Now, I just like for it to be maintained. I always get asked when I’m gonna cut my hair but I think that’s crazy. It’s like a body part to me, and a result of a process. People don’t ask “Hey, when ya gonna cut that finger off” or “Hey, when ya gonna stop hitting the gym and have a milkshake with us” so I don’t understand sometimes why people think that everyone who grows their locs grows them with the intention of someday cutting them.

What is the greatest lesson that you have learned through your natural journey?

Patience, consistency, and security. Patience because there is no easy way to go through the journey and no short cuts. It’s either be patient or quit.  Consistency because it’s a process that occurs over time and won’t occur unless you continually maintain it.  Security because everyone has to go through an “ugly stage” with natural hair and that’s what makes or breaks people. But, once you come out of it there’s a security in winning that battle. BUT I will say that one of the reasons I’ve been able to keep my hair is because I know I’ll want it back and I don’t have the “insert whatever word here” to go through it again right now.

We love all your websites ESPECIALLY GHOE LIVE we used to be checking that joint EVERYDAY! We love your shirts! We just love you! You are so creative and ambitious! What inspires you?

Ayyeee! Love to love to love you too! Thanks for the support for real. Hmmm…. what inspires me? I don’t like to be bored. I don’t like to be stagnant. I don’t like to not have a challenge. I don’t like not being able to have a creative outlet. Most importantly, I don’t like feeling like or being told I can’t accomplish something. Roll that all into the personality that is me and it just comes out in whatever outlet it decides to in the moment. Whether it’s a graphic, a writing, a t-shirt, or a website. I’m always surprised by the way things pan out honestly and sometimes I don’t completely believe it. I’m slow, lol. Like when I’m out somewhere and see someone wearing something that came out of my head (and also not knowing I came up with it) it’s hard to have that clicking point in your head that says “Hey, you came up with that”. It’s surreal, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Any upcoming events or anything else you would like to add:

Yeah, it’s #HBCUGRAD season so those are up at , will be relaunching in the next week or two, I actually have something really big coming in the next couple weeks, probably the biggest thing yet but can’t announce til everything official is signed off on so everyone send prayers up. Oh, and to just keep up with whatever else I’m working on or what comes out of my head I’m on Instagram and Twitter @adotthorne which is probably the best way to keep up with what’s new and fresh.

How can people contact you?

I can be called at 911-0024, lol kidding, I can be reached at . Good luck with everything, love your site and ready to see how it grows!

Yes, relaunch! We’re def sending up prayers for your big announcement! Thanks again Tibias! XOXO


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